Tuesday, 6 December 2016

19 Days to Christmas!

We're finally out of the twenties with just nineteen days to go to Christmas!

The Advent Calendar craziness this morning brought lots of squeals of delight with Zoey finding a heart shaped box in her Playmobil one and Zachary a reindeer in his.

Poor Ben is still feeling ill so we had a snuggle on the sofa and watched Santa Claus: The Movie today which was a perfect choice, working it's festive magic on him and getting him all excited about Santa and his reindeers.

The elves were rather naughty last night, Snowflake "borrowed" Barbies skirt, Stardust played peek-a-boo with Pikachu and Oswald, Zachary's elf ,found a sock which Zachary had (ever so cutely) hung up with the Christmas stockings with a toy inside and decided he should make himself cosy in it and play with the toy.

It took Zachary ages to find him but when he did his face was priceless.

The twins and I even got around to baking some ginger cookies to restock our Christmas cookie jar.

(I should probably point out that our Christmas is not sponsored by Disney we are however Disney addicts hence the theme which is emerging this Christmas).


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