Sunday, 13 November 2016

Yvolution Strolly Compact Review

Parents of toddlers will all have faced that transition phase where your little one decides they are too big for their stroller and need some more independence and fun that can be offered by just sitting confined in a buggy. It is at this point that the Yvolution Strolly Compact comes into its own.

Yvolution Strolly Compact

The Strolly Compact is a Stroller Trike that can grow and evolves with your child. It is part of a range of three Strolly products from Yvolution and is the most lightweight of all which makes it perfect for parents on the go, think quick trips to the park or best of all the school run when your toddler has decided to do battle everytime you try to get him into the stroller.

Not only does it transform into a trike but it is easily foldable, the back wheels fold in under the seat, you can pop the handle off and the handlebars push out so it is easy to pop in your car boot. Other features I like include the fact that it has an attachable storage sack, a hood which is always a godsend if it starts raining or to give some shade if sunny, a pedal release to enable free wheeling and it has a reclining seat which is great if your little one nods off mid adventure especially when you are using it in the first mode.

Strolly Grows With Your Child

The Strolly Compact has three stages which lets it grow with your child and transform to suit their needs. It starts off in a mode which supports your child, allowing them to sit up and go on an adventure, yet keeps the control firmly with the parent who can push and steer the child easily along using a height adjustable parent handle.

Next you can adapt it to give your child more freedom by removing some of support, they can pedal but you can still remain in control and steer them using the handle.

Finally when you think your little one is ready for their own freedom you can remove the bar entirely and let them loose to operate it with the pedal in trike mode. This is a great introduction to pedals and paves the way for them to be ready for their first bike.


Unboxing it was a little daunting, at first there appears to be a lot of bits to it but my advice is to lay them out so that it is easier when you start assembly.

The instructions are easy enough to follow in most parts, well that is as long as you don't have inquisitive little twins who want to help (mostly by running off with key parts). I did like the fact that it clicks together rather than having to use a screwdriver. It took me about 15 minutes to assemble it which I think is pretty good. Converting it between modes is also pretty straightforward.

Quality and Design

The product is well designed and the quality superb, it is sturdy and robust and well able to handle the demands of toddlers. You can be confident that your child will be safe from the first stage and it will last right through to the last thanks to the design and quality.

The Strolly Compact has a RRP of £119  and can be purchased from Mothercare. It is suitable for 10-36 months. More information and where to buy can be found on the Yvolution.

*Disclaimer: I received the Yvolution Strolly Complete in exchange for a review. All views and opinions are my own and unbiased. 


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