Sunday, 20 November 2016

Num Noms Recipe Inspiration for #MiniChefs

We love collectables here and have recently gotten very into Num Noms which are not only fun to play with but smell deliciously too as they are all amazingly scented. The recipe for Num Noms is simple...

Party Time with the Num Noms

Two of our favourite Num Noms sets from the Series 2 range include the Pizza Party and the Diner Food Deluxe pack. The Pizza pack contains three pizza Nums, a motorised Nom, a pizza container, a pizza cutter, and a collector's menu.

You can then mix and match to make the pizza of your choice, follow a recipe or come up with your own wild and wacky one.

The Diner Food Deluxe pack contains six diner food Nums, two motorised Noms, a diner food container, a diner food accessory, and a collector's menu.

The Nums and Noms are seriously cute, it's amazing how a little collectable like this can have so much personality.

Inspiring my MiniChefs

I love hearing all the crazy combinations the kids are coming up with and it has definitely inspired an interest in cooking so my little MiniChefs have decided to get creative in the kitchen with me and we have had a little help from the Num Noms.

We have been checking out some recipes put together by Num Noms, our favourite is definitely Cindy Cinnamon Eggy Bread inspired by Cindy Cinnamon. It is seriously easy to make so the kids can get stuck in and help mixing up the eggs, milk and cinnamon, dipping the bread and then wait patiently (or not) while you fry it up for them ready to devour. This not only tastes seriously scrummy but it smells delicious too! I love cooking with cinnamon as it leaves such a lovely smell in the house.

Another favourite here is the Num Noms Berry Pancake Muffins inspired by Berry cakes. If like us, you and your little ones love pancakes and muffins you really can go wrong with this. You need pancake mix (either ready made or from scratch), milk, eggs, berries (we love blueberries) and maple syrup. It's another easy-peasy one, mix up your ingredients except for the berries, fill a muffin tin two-thirds full, finally add the berries to each section and pop in the oven. They are super delicious and a fantastic twist on pancakes everyone is sure to love.

If you want to start thinking up some recipe ideas, here’s all the Num Noms flavours you can take inspiration from the Num Noms site where you will not only find lots of information but fun games to play too.

* Disclaimer: We were sent two Num Noms packs for review. All views and opinions are my own and unbiased. 


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