Friday, 18 November 2016

Lalaloopsy Glitter Hair Dough Doll Review

Every since the first time Zoey saw the advert for Lalaloopsy Glitter Hair Dough Doll on TV she has been asking for one. I can't blame her, Lalaloopsy is such a fun colourful doll to start with that she instantly appeals to little girls and now throw glitter dough into the mix and the ability to style her hair over and over again in a vast array of different ways from twists, braids, curls, plaits and more, she is destined to be a hit with kids.

Meet Lalaloopsy

I love the story behind Lalaloopsy, it is very sweet. Apparently the Lalaloopsy dolls were once rag dolls who magically came to life when their very last stitch was sewn, taking on the personalities of the materials that were used to make them. They live in a colourful, silly world, and it’s up to their owners (friends) to keep the magic of their world alive. The world of this Lalaloopsy doll is definitely magic, fully of sparkle and glitter.

Features and Playtime

Lalaloopsy Glitter Hair Dough Doll comes with a wonderful package including three different glittery hair doughs, three styling caps, scissors, hair clips and her very own seat which allows her to sit and relax as her hair is styled over and over again. You simply pop the dough in and twist her hair to make it magically grow.

Zoey shrieked with delight when she discovered she finally had her very own Lalaloopsy Glitter Hair Dough Doll. This Lalaloopsy combines two things which Zoey loves, namely dolls and dough. This dough isn't any ordinary dough either being super special, magic sparkly glitter dough. She immediately set to work growing Lalalooposy's hair, starting first with pink but soon we had rainbow hair. She loved cutting it and magically making the hair grow again. I also got to join in and help by showing Zoey how to plait hair and it wasn't long before long Zoey was braiding Lalaloopsy's hair all by herself.

The seat which supports Lalaloopsy and allows her to sit unaided is a nice addition as it makes styling easy. The different styling caps allow for fun, different results every time and the hair clips are a lovely inclusion. Zoey spends ages playing with Lalaloopsy every time we get her out to play, twisting, braiding, cutting and so on. I should mention Zachary often joins in and helps too so boys can definitely have fun playing with Lalaloopsy too. 


We love Lalaloopsy Glitter Hair Dough Doll, it has instant appeal to girls in particular, they will be wowed by all the sparkly glittery-ness that comes with Lalaloopsy! This set is more than just a doll though and has an educational side, it is a really great toy for helping to develop fine motor skills as they braid and style hair along with encouraging your child to get confident in their use of scissors, all these skills are very important in the early years and can go on to help and aid things such as hand writing.

Where to Buy

Lalaloopsy Glitter Hair Dough Doll is suitable for ages 4 years+ has a RRP of £29.99 and is available to buy from all the usual toy retailers including Smyths Toys and Argos and online from Amazon

*Disclaimer: I recieved Lalaloopsy Glitter Hair Dough Doll in exchange for a review. All views and opinions are my own and unbiased. 


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