Tuesday, 20 September 2016

BRIO Travel Switching Set Review

There is something very special about wooden train sets, they really are a toy that has stood the test of time. We love playing "trains" in our family and everyone from the small to big kids enjoys getting involved in the fun. Therefore there was lots of excitement when the BRIO Travel Switching Set arrived for review.

This 42 piece set is perfect for little train enthusiasts with both a battery powered blue line and a red line and a modern train station which has a lift to take passengers between their stations. There are switching tracks which are easily operated and allow trains to travel over a very cool red bridge along with signal and sign posts and people. This set lends itself to endless hours of imaginative play.

What is in the Box

The BRIO Travel Switching set includes 19 Pieces of track, 2 switching tracks, 4 travel train engines, 2 travel train carriages, a station, 3 rock supports, a suspension bridge, 2 block supports, 5 play figures, a signal post, a sign post and a suitcase.

Our Verdict

This set is really well thought out and is made to a very high standard with lots of detail in everything from the signs on the station to the little people, their suitcase and the trains themselves.

The lift which you can easily crank up and down with the turn of a handle is a big hit with my three year old twins who love taking turns swopping passengers between one platform and the other so they can catch the right train and has definitely inspired lots of imaginative play. I have to admit I find it amusing listening to their little stories as they make up adventures for the people about to board the trains, we have had people off to meet Mickey Mouse and Rapunzel in Disney and rushing to catch a train so they can get to their rocket and fly to the moon. 
Turn the handle to raise the lift up and down

The trains and carriages themselves are fantastic, the kids love popping them open and placing the people in. The battery operated blue train definitely has the wow factor for them and it is lots of fun watching it take off around the tracks.

Switching between tracks is easily done and there is plenty of track included but the good thing is that this BRIO is compatible with other sets available so it can grow and expand just as much as you would like it too.

The BRIO Travel Switching Set has been played with so much by Ben (7) and twins, Zoey and Zachary (3) since it arrived that is safe to say it is one of our current favourite toys and perfect now the weather has changed and dark rainy days are creeping back in. This  set would make a fantastic Christmas present for any little boy or girl who loves trains like my three kiddies do, it is more than just tracks and trains thanks to the people, station and accessories included. It is suitable for ages 3+ and is available to buy from the usual toy reatilers and online from Amazon. I can highly recommend!

*Disclaimer: I received the BRIO Travel Switching Set for review. All views and opinions are my own and unbiased. 


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