Sunday, 19 June 2016

Mr Kipling Cake Stand by Cadson

We have been eating a lot of Mr Kipling cakes recently thanks to one of the twins new favourite toy, a Mr Kipling Cake Stand by Cadson. The kids were very impressed when they saw all the cakes arranged across the two-tiered cake stand and couldn't wait to get their tea set out and have a tea party to play with them.

The stand is definitely very cute, I'd like a real life one for when we are entertaining if I'm honest. It is stacked with an instantly recognisable selection of well loved Mr Kipling cakes including French Fancies, Jam Tart and Battenberg. In the interest of research, the kids have insisted we get a different type of Mr Kipling cake every time we go to the shops and who am I to argue (any excuse for cake), after all it is my duty to insure they are well informed on exactly what they taste like so they can decide which ones are their favourites. Zoey loves the French Fancies, Zachary the Jam Tarts and Ben is torn between the Cherry Bakewell and Battenberg. The very clever thing about this toy though is it is more than just a pretty cake stand, it is also a shape sorter so not only fantastic for role play but shape-sorting fun too.

Our Verdict

Ben and the twins and their friends have had lots of fun playing with this cake stand. They have had many tea parties and picnics since we got it where the cake stand is the star of the show. They love pretend trying the different cakes and the twins have been known to come running to Daddy as he gets in the door from work with a Cherry Bakewell (his favourite Mr Kipling cake) for him. I love the shape sorting aspect of it, the twins love matching up the right shapes. The cake stand is a permanent fixture in the kids play kitchen and is brought out at least once a day. 

Where to Buy

The Mr Kipling Cake Stand is available to buy from usual toy retailers and online from Amazon. I can definitely recommend it as it is one of those toys that will be played with again and again and let's face it who doesn't love Mr Kipling cakes - it's guaranteed to bring smiles to all who see it. 

*Disclaimer: I received the Mr Kipling cake stand in exchange for a review. All views and opinions are my own and unbiased. 


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