Monday, 9 May 2016

Fun with Schleich Farm Life Playsets

I love Schleich figures and playsets for many reasons but primarily because they open up a whole world of creative and imaginative play to kids both together and in groups. My three year old twins love these kind of playsets and it is such a joy to watch them sit and play with them and listen to the stories that unfold as they do. We were recently sent the Farm Life My First Farm and Stable Cleaning sets which have been played with in so many different ways, it has me thinking there truly is no end to a young child's imagination.

The Playsets

The My First Farm playset contains a cow, pig, chicken, lamb, bale of hay, apples and carrots which allow a million and one stories and farm adventures to unfold. 

My First Farm Playset

The Stable Cleaning set contains an adorable little lamb, calf, bucket, broom and two bunches of carrots.

Stable Cleaning Playset

Farm Life Playtime

Zoey loves the fact that she has a Mummy cow and her little baby calf to play with and she cracks me up sometimes when I watch her do so. Ben, aged 6, told Zoey she could use the little bucket from the Stable Cleaning playset to milk the Mummy cow and feed the baby animals which she does all the time now. Zachary loves getting the animals to chase each other and play tag. He is also the one who insists on using the brush to clean up after the animals. Zoey, on the other hand, insists that the broom is for grooming the cow like she does with her dolls and ponies. There is often a bit of a battle of it as a result. 

Schleich, Farm Life, kids toys, imaginative play

What I like most is the ocassions when I walk (or sneak) in on the twins at play with the animals and hearing all the different voices they have - Zachary does an impressive cow voice followed by an epic "mmmmoooooooooo". 

Our Verdict

Like all beautifully made Schleich models, the attention to detail and quality of all these farm animals and the accompanying accessories are second to none. They are fantastic and I can highly recommend them for their quality and imaginative play potential. We love them, you will too!

Where to Buy

You can use the Schleich Store Locator to find your nearest stockist of Schleich toys and they are also available to purchase online from Amazon where you will find My First Farm and Stable Cleaning.

*Disclaimer: I received two Schleich Farm Life Playsets for free in exchange for a review. All views and opinions are my own


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