Friday, 11 March 2016

Meet our Wild Pets Scorpion - Thorn

My boys are stereotypical "boys" who love creepy crawlies, snakes and pretty much anything that can scare their little sister Zoey (and me), the scarier the better as far as they are concerned. As a result I knew that they would love reviewing the Wild Pets Scorpion - Thorn. It is a scary looking creepy crawly with it's dangerous looking claws and hooked tail, not to mention it's light up beady eyes and the fact it glows in the dark.


Creep, Explore, Attack!

The Wild Pets Scorpion is very cleverly designed with touch sensors which lets you control it's behaviour and make it your pet. 

It has three modes including creep mode, explore mode and most frightening of all attack mode where it literally chases down any target in it's sight - this was funny when it started chasing our puupy. To add some extra terror it's eyes light up depending on the mode it is in, changing from green to blue to red when it mean serious business and is in attack mode. If you leave it alone the scorpion enters Cage Mode where it moves around quietly and calmly on its own. This is something that has even made me jump.

Our Verdict

What my kids thought definitely depends on who you ask. Both Ben and Zachary thought it was the "coolest" toy ever, Zoey on the other hand was terrified or maybe I should say, loved the drama of pretending to be scared of it.

Our little chihuahua puppy Tuco also had a lot to say about Thorn as he barked his little head off and joined in the fun of playing with him. 

Tuco better watch his nose!

Overall we loved the Wild Pets Scorpion, it lets kids have fun playing with scary bugs that won't bite! 

Wild Pets Scorpion - Thorn is available to buy from Character-Online priced at £12.99 along with the usual toy retailers including Amazon and Smyths Toys.

* Disclaimer: I received this Wild Pets Scorpion - Thorn for free in exchange for a review. All views and opinions are my own and unbiased. 


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