Monday, 8 February 2016

Cadson Little Helpers Henry Hand Held Vacuum

The twins love to "help" me with everything from cooking to cleaning so needless to say they were very excited when the Cadson Henry Little Helper Hand Held Vacuum Set arrived. Like the rest of our family the littlest two love gadgets of any type so couldn't wait to get their hands on the vac.

The Cadson Henry Hand Held Vacuum Set

The set is very true to the real life Henry products with proper branding but scaled down and lighter in weight to better suit a child's hand. The fact that the vac functions and sucks up things makes it far more engaging than a toy one that just makes noise. The items are all made of strong quality plastic and are durable enough to withstand toddler play - they have been twin tested after all.  I love the attention to detail to make everything as close as possible to the "grown up" versions and I have to mention the cute Henry face on the dustpan which is a nice touch.

Our Verdict

Our "grown up" hand held vac gets used countless times during the day cleaning up after the monkeys so both Zoey and Zachary were delighted that they had their own kid friendly sized one along with a dustpan and brush to be just like Mummy and Daddy. The fact that the little vac actually works and picks up stuff made it even more appealing for them as they raced to pick up anything on the floor. They took turns in using the dustpan and brush and the vacuum but the vac was definitely more in demand.

I love this cute little set and how it encourages role play. Zachary cracked me up going around with the vac saying "I'm cleaning up for Mummy, Zoey get the brush". I hope their enthusiasm to help with cleaning lasts well into their teens.

You can purchase Cadson Henry Hand Held Vacuum Set in the usual toy retailers and online from Amazon priced at £12.99.

* Disclaimer: I received the Cadson Henry Hand Held Vacuum Set free in exchange for a review. All views and opinions are my own and unbiased. 


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