Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Preschool Books We Love: Train! and Zip It

We were recently sent two books from Tiger Press which are big hits with the twins. Both books are aimed at children 3-5 years but I have found the twins, who are 22 months love them.

The first is Train! by Judith Abbot, a board book which is perfect for little ones, like Zachary, who are obsessed with things that go. I love the fact that it also helps young children learn about playing together and sharing which is always a welcome topic in our household where we see daily battles over toys, books, random objects and so on - yep, the joys of twins. 

The second book, Zip It from the My Little World series by Patricia Hegarty and illustrated by Fhiona Galloway, introduces children to buttons, zips and tying bows in this first book of fastenings. With instructional illustrations and real fastenings on every spread, it is a perfect book to use as a teaching guide. 

I wish I had this book before Ben started big school as it helps so much, not just with everyday getting dressed, but is perfect to prepare them for the uniform / PE kit change necessary on PE day along with teaching young kids to tie their laces in a fun way. 

One word of warning though if you have a little Mr Destructive toddler like I do in Zachary keep a close eye when they are playing with the different fastenings as unfortunately my little monkey managed to rip ours much to his big brother, Ben's disappointment. 

Both these books are excellently illustrated, have child appeal and are engaging. Train! with it's fun pictures and story keeps children engaged while Zip It with a different activity on every page not only keeps children's attention but teaches life skills. These books definitely get a thumbs up from me, Ben and the twins.

* Disclaimer: I was sent Zip It and Train! free to review. All views and opinions are my own and unbiased.


Sarah Lovett / Sussex Mummy said...

Ooh Zip It looks brilliant! Ideal for my two boys.

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