Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Splashing Fun with Grandpa Pig's Holiday Boat

Ben and the twins love bath time and a new bath toys is always met with lots of excitement especially if it is from one of their much loved TV shows like the Peppa Pig -  Grandpa Pig's Holiday Boat.

The toy comes with Grandpa Pig's holiday boat which fans of the show will be sure to recognise, complete with removable bell and holiday themed dressed Peppa, George and Grandpa figures. The boat and the characters float fantastically well in the bath which makes it a big winner for me as I have in the past bought toys which claim to float but more often than not topple over and sink much too the children's disappointment.

Our Verdict

I was very glad there were three characters, one for each of the children which they loved, Ben claimed Grandpa Pig while Zoey had Peppa and Zachary picked George. They not only loved placing the characters in the boat but also had lots of fun playing with them separately floating them in buckets and diving them off the side of the bath.  It is such a fun toy that just like the kids it had to come out of the bath with them to continue playing.

We love Grandpa Pig's Holiday Boat, it's a fantastic bath toy and the fact that it doubles up for general play time makes it great value at RRP of £19.99 especially if you have little Peppa Pig fans. 

* Disclaimer: I was sent Grandpa Pig's Holiday Boat to review. All views and opinions are my own and unbiased.


Beau is Blue said...

Aww this looks wonderful for little ones! My one is slightly too young but i know he would try and play with this in the bath fif i let him! great read and beautiful photos Suz xo

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