Friday, 10 October 2014

Fireman Sam Ocean Rescue Centre Review

I love how all three of my children play with toys together so well now. The twins especially love their big brother, Ben's playsets, especially those that have characters they recognise from television programmes. It is funny to watch how excited they get when they realise a character that they are playing with is the same as one on television. It is therefore no surprise that I had three very happy, and excited, children when we were sent the Fireman Sam Ocean Rescue Centre to review. It certainly has been the source of much entertainment for Ben and the twins who love exploring it and recreating 'Ocean Rescues'.


This Playset has plenty to keep little people busy and it is perfect for sparking their imaginations. They can fire Juno with the Jet Ski Launcher, set the emergency siren off to signal a rescue, switch the lights on and off on the Helipad, send characters up the lift and down the fireman's pole and so much more. 

Parents will be glad to hear there is a switch to turn the siren off which comes in handy after an hour or so of play, especially if you have noise loving twins like mine. The Playset work with other Fireman Sam playsets and if you have additional characters or accessories such as the helicopter it would be even better although if you have kids like mine they won't be long improvising with what they have to make adventures come to life. Ben uses a helicopter he already had to land on the helipad and Zoey and Zachary have decided Mike the Knight and Holly from Ben and Holly like to help with Ocean rescues too, we have also had some of the Octonauts coming to play. My children are imaginative if nothing else. 

Personally I love the way Fireman Sam scoots down the pole so had to add a little video clip

I should point out that this toy is aimed at children 3+ due to small parts so if you are leaving younger children play with it never do so unsupervised. 


The Playset is well build and durable which the destructive whirlwind that is Ben and the twins can attest to. The helipad lifts off and on and the lift and fireman pole are strong enough to withstand lots of play. The Jet Ski Launcher is easy to operate for young children who will quickly get the hang of slotting the jet ski in and then love it shoots off so quickly. 

Our Verdict

My children and their friends have given the Fireman Sam Ocean Rescue Centre a massive thumbs up. It is fun, engaging and durable - all the things you want in a kids toy. 

*Disclaimer: I received the Fireman Sam Ocean Rescue Centre for free in exchange for a review.  All views and opinions are my own and unbiased. 


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