Sunday, 14 September 2014

Five Already?

Every year on Ben's birthday I find myself wondering how did that year whizz by so quickly? This year I am asking myself it more so than ever as not only has Ben turned five, but he has also started big school which feels like such a huge milestone.

First Mummy Memory

I will never, ever forget the day Ben was born. The moment I set eyes on him for the first time and held him, that newborn smell - my little bubble blowing baby boy. My heart doubled in size that day, the day that precious little bundle had made me a Mummy and changed my world forever.

Big School Time

This time last year Ben started preschool,  it was only for three hour sessions at a time and very relaxed so it still felt like he was all mine. Now he's started big school, while I'm excited for him embarking on his new adventure, it does feel like I'm losing a big chunk of my little man to the education system.

I captured his first day on video here:

I'd be lying if I said it doesn't make me a little sad that we have reached this stage already. While it is lovely having more one on one time with the twins and all the extra cuddles I get from them, I miss my little buddy and our chats and impromptu hugs during the day. I guess that's all part of parenting though, encouraging your child and giving them the independence that they need to be ready for the adventures ahead of them.


The Softest They'll Ever Be

Fairy Non Bio recognises the importance of Embrace and how important it is to make sure you make the most of every precious pre-school moment while they are still The Softest They’ll Ever Be by creating this video.

I, for one will definitely be making the most of all the precious moments I have everyday with Zoey and Zachary before they join their big brother at school in a few years. I just hope time slows down a bit as I want this time to last a whole lot longer.

* Disclaimer: I received some Fairy Non Bio products and compensation for writing this post. All views and opinions are my own.


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