Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Ways to Save Money on your Motoring Costs

Running a car can be expensive but there are a few things you can do to reduce the cost. Debt Free Direct  has produced a clever infographic to highlight ways to improve fuel efficiency which is a must see for all car owners. 

I found the tip on checking out the cheapest place for fuel on PetrolPrices.com a very useful one which has saved me money, petrol can be so expensive in some garages these days it is definitely worth shopping around.

Money Car Saving Kit

In addition to that we were sent on a fantastic ‘Money Saving Car Kit’ which contains the following items:

Digital tyre inflator
Keep your tyres properly inflated using this inflator. Your fuel can economy can be affected by up to 35% if you have low pressure in your tyres. The optimum tyre pressure for your make and model car can be found in the handbook and behind the petrol flap on most cars.
Jump leads
Leaving lights or the radio on when the car is parked can drain the battery meaning your engine won’t start next time you try to set off. If you haven’t already got a policy, calling out road side assistance form companies such as the AA can cost you an arm and a leg for emergency cover. Carrying jump leads means you can start your car with the help of another car, for free!
Car dustbuster 
A simple and cheap way to clean your car and avoiding expensive valeting services.
Spare bulb set (incl. bulbs and fuses) 
Driving with a light out is not only illegal and can result in a £60 fine, but it can also be costly if you have to resort to buying new bulbs from a petrol station. By keeping this kit in your glove compartment you can change your bulbs anywhere, anytime.

Our Verdict on the Kit

I love this kit, the best thing by far for me is the Car dustbuster. It comes in so handy for cleaning up after the twins and Ben have had snacks in the car - the amount of crumbs from rice crackers and breadsticks they generate, not to mention all the stray raisins that get scattered everywhere is unbelievable so this little vac gets a lot of use and it is very effective, cleaning them all up easily and quickly. 

My husband was very impressed by the Digital Tyre Inflator and has put it to the test, which was a good thing, as the tyre pressures needed increasing. It is also reassuring to know that should the need arise we have a set of jump leads and spare bulbs available.

I think this collection of car maintenance items is excellent, it not only gives peace of mind, keeps your car running at it's best but can ultimately save you money which has to be a big win in my books.

Disclaimer: This post is in partnership with Debt Free Direct who sent me the car maintenance kit. All views and opinions are my own and 100% honest. 


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