Sunday, 1 June 2014

The #KingsmillGreatWhite Challenge

Over the weekend we have been taking part in the Kingsmill Great White Challenge which has seen us replace our normal white bread with the new Kingsmill Great White, a delicious, soft white loaf that contains as much fibre as wholemeal bread. The challenge was to see if the family would notice the difference between Great White and our normal white along with coming up with some fun creations along the way to showcase the bread. 

Day one we had a visit from a wise old owl who had a very important message for us regarding just how important eating enough fibre is to a healthy diet, apperently 8/10 Brits don't know how much fibre they should be getting so making a simple change like switching to Great White is a sure fire way to get it. 

Day two we showed our love for Great White with a special slice of it toasted. 

For lunch a hula dancing lady joined us - although Ben looked at her and said, "It's you mummy, she's got boobies". I should mention they were different sized boobies due to the lack of two same sized tomatoes hmmm..

Day three and I made the twins some very cute twin teddies which they scoffed in record time, banana and toast being a favourite combination at the moment. 

Lunchtime saw us having a little sing song around the grand piano. A healthy ham, cheese, cucumber and carrot creation for my little maestro Ben. 

Ben had so much fun with this one, pretending to play the piano. 

For the twins I made sushi style ham, cheese, cucumber and carrot rolls which they loved. 

Last day of the challenge and the twins had a flower powered start to the day with reduced sugar strawberry jam on toast with apricots and grapes. 

Lunchtime was kept simple with a selection of star and circle ham and cheese sandwiches. My children will never eat normal sandwiches again will they?

One thing is for sure though, we all agree that Kingsmill Great White is fang-tastic!

Did they notice the Difference?

Ben and the twins happily ate Great White, they definitely didn't notice it was any different to their normal white. My husband could tell the difference but that may have been because I had told him. As for would I buy it again? Yes, it tastes great and I can be happy knowing it is healthier than regular white bread. You can check out what the other entrants thought of it and their clever creations by searching for the #KingsmillGreatWhite hashtag on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. 

* This post is my entry in the Kingsmill Great White challenge, the winner of which will be announced later this week on Facebook by Kingsmill. I received a voucher for taking part do that I could purchase materials for my entry. 


Jennypaulin said...

i love the piano it is so clever ! and of course the boobies on the hula hula lady *sniggers* it looks like Ben had a great time sampling all your sandwich creations
i hope you dont mind, but i have added a link to this post in my own x

Anne (The Gingerbread Mum) said...

Your piano is incredible! Love all your creations (and aren't boobies normally slightly different in size?!) x

Mummy's Space said...

Thank you Anne. I have to say I really enjoyed the challenge. Loved all your creations too. I agree with you on the boobs especially if they've been used for breastfeeding ;) x

Mummy's Space said...

Thanks Jenny. Ben definitely enjoyed the different sandwiches and I really enjoyed making them! Love your frozen theme and thank you for the link - I need to go comment on everyone's but haven't had a chance yet with being on holidays x

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