Sunday, 11 May 2014

My Morrisons Mum Experience

Last weekend, the bank holiday weekend, we were set a challenge to go and shop at Morrisons and see how it compared to our regular weekly shop. For me, the important things to look at were price, quality and choice as these are the things that make me return to a shop.

The Shopping Experience

Our nearest Morrisons is in High Wycombe so we headed there early on Sarurday morning. I had never been to the store before so was looking forward to seeing what it was like. First impressions upon walking through the doors and being greeted by lots of colourful fresh flowers were good. Behind these were the vegetable misters and chillers which make the lovely fresh produce look even more tempting and made me think that Morrisons obviously care about the goods they have on sale.

The appealing way Morrisons choose to display and arrange products pretty much continued throughout the store to each and every category from the bakery to the wine. In fact I really liked how the wine was arranged in price (e.g. under £5, £10 and so on) and colour rather than the traditional regional way. One other nice touch were the suggestions alongside the wines on what types of foods they would best go with.


There was plenty of selection with a fantastic vegetable, meats and bakery section. My only disappointment was that a lot of the dates were close to sell by giving only one or two days to use fruit or meaning meats needed freezing straight away but I'm not sure if that was just due to the fact it was a busy bank holiday weekend and the longer dates were perhaps snapped up quicker. 


I could not fault the quality of the fruit, vegetables or meats and the bakery products, in particular the tiger bread, was delicious and at 80p for a giant 800g loaf you really can't go wrong. Having cooked various meals with the meats including chicken, pork and beef I can confirm they have all been really good quality. 

Price - "I'm Cheaper"

Everyone will agree supermarket offers are great, who doesn't love making savings? What I don't like about them though is that once the offer ends, that new product you and your family now love has gone way up in price and it's hard to justify buying it without blowing your weekly shopping budget.

The great news is that Morrisons have introduced a new I'm Cheaper pricing. They have cut the price on over a thousand of your favourite products. These are not temporary reductions or fake supermarket offers. After shopping in Morrisons and checking them out for myself I can confirm they really are genuine offers bringing low prices on things you buy every week and these things aren't just on own brand items either, they are on a variety of things across the store including Heinz Tomato Ketchup, British minced beef, Jammie Dodgers, McCain Home Chips, Fairy washing powder and even Morrisons Pinot Grigio to name but a few. You can check out the pricing for yourself here and you can easily spot anything that has been reduced by looking out for the yellow markers when you shop in store or online at - if it says I'm cheaper you know it is and will be staying that way too.

A New Favourite Recipe 

There is a fab recipe finder on the Morrisons site which is packed full of ideas on what to cook or even inspiration on what to buy. I decided to try out the Teriyaki pork skewers and I am very glad I did as they were delicious and have quickly become a family favourite for us. 

We bought some deli ham and turkey which was used for lots of meals including lunches, Saturday's dinner of salad with cold meats and fresh salad vegetables and breads and as toppings for homemade pizzas on bank holiday Monday. 

We also had a delicious fruit salad with fresh fruit including pineapple that cost just 69p and I have seen selling in competitor stores at their bargain price of £1. 



Overall I enjoyed the shopping experience, the products were well displayed and pleasing to the eye. There were clearly lots of things cheaper, some the same while others a tad more expensive but not excessively so and more importantly the things that were cheaper are the things I buy every week rather than the once off or once a month buys so I did make savings. The savings on groceries like meat which are still of a great quality are definitely big wins for me as with a family of five it is one area I am looking to reduce the costs. I would happily shop in Morrisons again, especially online - unfortunately though it is not yet available online in my area but hopefully it will be soon.

*Disclaimer: I received £80 Morrisons vouchers via Britmums in order to review Morrisons. This has in no way biased my oopinions and all views are 100% honest.


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