Thursday, 2 January 2014

The Twins Love Heinz Baby Breakfast range

I was recently sent some Heinz Baby breakfast products to review including Very Berry Porridge breakfast pots, Banana and Apple Muesli breakfast pots, Creamy Oat Porridge breakfast pots, Creamy Oats porridge and Six Cereals Breakfast Biscotti. Prior to trying these Heinz goodies, I had never used baby food products other than rice crackers as I had followed baby led weaning with Ben which mostly involved giving him what we ate skipping baby rices and cereals completely. As the twins were tiny preemies when born their feeding requirements are a lot different to what Ben's were which finds me in a whole need world of weaning. I need to make sure they are consistently gaining weight and getting all the right nutrients all the time so I have opted for combination feeding with them which is why Heinz breakfast products which are fortified with key nutrients including iron, calcium and vitamin D have been a welcome addition to their menus.

The Twin Test

I first tried Zoey and Zachary with the porridge this week they went nuts for it. It was so simple to prepare, all I had to do to make up the porridge was to make up a mixture using three spoons of previously boiled water to one spoon of porridge and stir it, making sure it wasn't too hot for them of course. They loved it, Zachary in particular opened his mouth up wider than I had ever seen to get more and I actually made up extra when they scoffed the first bowlful. I am delighted they have taken so well to this porridge as Heinz Baby breakfast cereals, now made to a new recipe, contain key nutrients including calcium and Vitamin D, alongside added prebiotic to help support healthy digestion. They are available for 4+ months or 7+ months.

Next to try were the biscotti, I actually gave them one of these each to keep them entertained while I was preparing some purees for them, it is the first time I have seen them both use gestures to ask for more, putting their hands out and fingers grabbing for a second one. They are a fantastic one to have in for breakfast or a quick snack on the go. The good news is that you can be happy in the knowledge that each biscuit is made with a blend of grains, including wheat, oat, barley, rice, corn and rye and contain prebiotics to support healthy digestion, as well as added vitamins and minerals essential to baby’s growth. You can give them to your baby on their own or mix them with your baby's usual milk and are suitable for 6+ months.

The Heinz breakfast pots are another very convenient option and can be eaten hot or cold, making a great start your baby’s day especially if you are stuck for time in the mornings and need something quick yet nutritious to feed your baby. Each pot includes calcium for strong bones, iron for healthy brain development, and contains no added sugar. The pots are smooth in texture, with the fruit varieties a good way of giving your baby one of his/her five a day. They are suitable for 4+ months or 6+ months. I had a mixed reaction to these with the twins with Zachary liking the Banana and Apple Muesli breakfast pots and Zoey preferring the  Very Berry Porridge variety.

A Mummy's View

I found the Heinz Breakfast range fantastic and will be buying them again, in particular the Creamy Oats porridge and Six Cereals Breakfast Biscotti. The look on my babies faces as they are enjoying eating them brings a smile to my face and I feel happy in the knowledge that they are getting valuable nutrients and vitamins from them. I am delighted I was asked to review them as they have proved a very valuable addition to my twins meals and are definitely aiding their development and growth which being preemies is monitored closely and of high importance. I can therefore highly recommend them. 

Disclaimer: I was sent a hamper of Heinz Baby Breakfast Range in exchange for a review. This review is my honest and unbiased opinion of the products.


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I cant believe reading this post actually has me craving porridge! Ha!

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Lol that's so funny Emma! I remember going through serious phases of cereal cravings with the twins x

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