Thursday, 12 September 2013

Loveyush Breastfeeding Scarf Review

I would be lost without my Loveyush breastfeeding scarf these days, in particular on days like today when I had two very unhappy babies on my hands. A quick trip into town to grab some essentials descended into a nightmare excursion where despite having fed the twins before leaving they both decided they needed to feed and were crying inconsolably. It was horrible, both wanted to feed and they wanted it straight away so Ben, the twins and I headed into a cafe where I popped Zachary and Zoey under my gorgeous scarf where they were able to feed discreetly and calmed down completely. It was such a relief.

Breastfeeding twins discreetly is not easy, before my Loveyush scarf I used to use muslin cloths slung over each shoulder to cover the babies when tandem feeding them but it's tricky as one of the babies is bound to wriggle about so much or grab at a cloth that you end up losing one. The great thing with the scarf is that you pop it over your head, much like a poncho and it gives you instant coverage for your baby or babies but also easy access and a perfect view of them while being safe and breathable.

I have used the scarf on pretty much every outing since I got it in a vast array of places from walking around the supermarket, cafes, the local show, visiting family and in many more everyday situations. I doubt a lot of people even notice there is a baby under there, well that is unless they spot a little hand poking out or foot dangling underneath. I rave about it all the time to my husband and friends who have babies, I love it, it makes breastfeeding in public so easy and for me it has become a must have.

Loveyush scarves come in such gorgeous patterns that they are more than just functional, they are fashionable too. I have the Primrose Grey print which is very "me", the colours go perfectly with my blue and pink bugaboo too (not that I colour co-ordinate with my stroller or anything). The scarf can also be cleverly used as a sunshade for car seat or buggy as the opening for the neck allows you to pop it over the top of a car seat and carry it by the handle. If I am not wearing it, I pop it in it's pouch in my change bag. As it is made from rayon cotton fabric it is machine washable at 30 degrees, washes great and dries quickly. I love my Loveyush Breastfeeding Scarf so much I am definitely ordering another.

* Disclaimer: I received a Loveyush breastfeeding scarf free in exchange for a review but this has in no way biased my opinion. All views and opinions expressed here are my own.


Bhakti Natha said...

Thanks for the lovely review. So glad you liked Loveyush Scarf.

Claire O'Neill said...

Primrose grey.These are a saviour for mums like me who feel self conscious feeding in public.i haven't heard of this company before or tried their product but it looks amazing and so stylish!

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