Wednesday, 24 July 2013

The True Twin Mummy Diary: Luxuries

Life as a twin mummy is wonderful, two beautiful babies for the price of one. I'm lucky, I know I am, but the reality is it is hard and tiring at the same time too. Like you are told everywhere you go, you really do have your hands full and very little, if no time to yourself especially in those early days. This makes you view things that you took for granted in the past very differently.

Three months in and my biggest luxury is not a spa day or an extravagant shopping trip (although both would be nice) but it is quite simply, a shower. I used to take showers for granted, having one whenever I wanted, loving especially, to start the day with a refreshing hot shower. It used to wake me up and feel good. This is not the case anymore though, showers have to be planned and co-ordinated around when my husband is here to watch the twins, after they have been breastfed and if possible when they are settled and asleep to avoid them crying.

There is something so therapeutic about escaping into the shower cubicle whether it is for a minute or five. The sound of the water cascading down, the steam rising fogging up the glass, the delicious smell of the shower gel, the warmth of the water and it's embracing feeling, washing away the many remnants of spit ups and explosive nappies that have all been part of my day. This is my time.

Unfortunately this perfect escape time can be easily turned into a highly stressful experience too though, sometimes by the invasion of my toddler beating the door down to get in but, worse still the horribleness that is showering to the soundtrack of crying twin babies. This totally undoes any of the good that it can do. I can feel my blood pressure rising even writing about it.

I don't mean to be negative though, I love being a twin mummy and wouldn't change it for the world. In the grand scheme of things, the highs and wonderful experiences you have everyday with twinkles far outweigh the trivial things like a long relaxing shower. I'm just thankful for dry shampoo these days.

Just one look at these two makes it all worthwhile.


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