Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Pink Lining Twins Changing Bag Review

I love my Pink Lining Twins changing bag. It's perfect - practical and pretty with a place and space for everything I need. I got my first Pink Lining bag when Ben was born and used it nearly everyday for three years, therefore I was delighted to learn that there is a twin version of my favourite bag which is perfect for housing all that extra baby paraphernalia and toddler tackle I need to carry about.

A Place for Everything 

The great thing about this bag is the clever internal storage and pockets for all the things you need. I find the front and back outside zip pockets and end compartments really useful too for those things you need to be able to grab quickly such as keys or a muslin cloth. The pockets ensure that you avoid the "black hole" effect that so often happens with big bags, they allow me to be organised effortlessly with my keys and wallet living in the front pocket while a muslin square and my sunglasses residing in the end compartments along with toys or a drink for Ben.


Pink Lining bags are definitely pleasing on the eye. There is such a lovely choice of patterns and colours with each bag having the trademark shocking pink lining. 

I have the green dragonflies design which I love. The front pocket or pockets on most Pink Lining bags have a design and slogan. Mine has two little birds, one pink and one green and says "Twice as nice", perfect for my boy-girl twins. This bag is so girly, so special, it is the ideal way to house all the many essential things that I really can't leave the house without anymore.

In use

The bag comes with a thick, well padded change mat that provides enough padding and comfort for your baby from newborn stage and beyond and makes it perfect for changing your baby anywhere while out and about and I am speaking from experience here after having to change Zoey on a park bench when an emergency situation arose recently. It also has a handy clear zip waterproof bag which I use to store clothes that have been casualties of explosive nappies until I get home.

Zip wet bag & change mat

There is ample room for nappies and wipes with four extra long nappy pockets. The lining and outer are wipe clean which is reassuring in the case of leaks or spills. There are two detachable insulated bottle holders which I have removed as I am exclusively breastfeeding and don't need them right now but this in itself is a really nice feature as it gives you the flexibility to tailor the bag to meet your needs and changing requirements as your child or children grow.

Of course, there are also some special mummy essentials included, namely a little pocket mirror, which can also be used to distract baby, a card organiser built into the front pocket so you will have no trouble grabbing your bank and loyalty cards again, a key fob and phone pocket.

TR-Front pocket detail; TL-Card organiser inside front pocket; BR-Back pocket with space for change mat; BL-Key fob attaches inside front pocket

The bag is comfortable to wear, it come with a long detachable strap or you can simply use the handles to swing it on your shoulder like me. When the twins are in their Bugaboo Donkey I pop it in the shopping basket underneath where it fits nicely and looks great. I have seen some people use the detachable strap to hang their bag over the handlebars of their buggy but if you have a Bugaboo Donkey in twin mode it might be best to use bag clips to hang it from the handle if you need the shopping bag space underneath.

Another thing worth mentioning is the fact that the bag has two zips which makes it really easy and quick to open and close, I know it's a small thing that might often go unnoticed but it crossed my mind what a nice feature that was on Saturday as I was over stuffing my bag with the extra cardigans and tops I had brought with me and not needed when the weather turned warm and sunny.

I have been using my bag for three  months now and I can say hand-on-heart it has passed the twins and toddler test, it definitely gets this twin mummy's seal of approval. I love it!

Pink Lining Changing bags are available to purchase from a number of retailers including John Lewis or direct from the Pink Lining website and at the time of writing this there is a fantastic sale on with the Twins bag reduced from £95.00 to £66.50

* Disclaimer: I received my Pink Lining bag for free in exchange for a review. All opinions and views expressed here are my own.


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