Thursday, 18 July 2013

Day 199 of The 365 Project - What colour will these eyes be?

Every morning I love checking the babies eyes to see if they have changed colour overnight. I can't remember how old Ben was when his eyes finally settled and turned brown but I do remember the speculation along the way that they would be green or blue. I have to admit I was glad they are brown, I love his big brown eyes. 

It is pretty much the same with the twins except I also get to compare them side by side and see the differences between the two of them. At the moment Zachary's eyes definitely seem to be lighter and my guess is they will be blue, whereas I reckon Zoey's might be darker. 

I know it's most likely down to the Instagram filter I'm using here but in this photo I took today it is starting to look like Zachary might well be my little blue eyed boy. 


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