Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Day 182 of The 365 Project - Immunisations

Today we has to take the twins and Ben for their immunisations. Ben went first and was a really brave big boy. We told him that all three of them needed medicine and he, being the oldest, had to show the twins they would be ok.

The poor little fella got such a shock when the first needle went in, it was horrible seeing him cry. He put on a brave face though and his caring side shone through as it was clear how concerned he was that "his Zachary and little Zoey" would get "hurt" next. I'm so proud of him, the fact he was worrying about his brother and sister despite being hurt himself shows the kind of good natured little boy he is.

As expected the poor twins were not impressed, clearly hurt by the injections. The needles they use seem so big for such small babies, especially when it comes to little legs like Zoey's. It was horrible to watch them going in and their reactions. Zoey definitely took it a lot worse than Zachary. The whole immunisations things is so much worse when it's doubled up with twins and tripled when you add a sibling too.

Thankfully Ben bounced back quickly after the injections but both babies have not been great, unsettled and crying a lot for most of the night. They have dropped off to sleep now after a feed so fingers crossed they might sleep it off for a bit. I'm just glad the first one is over.


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