Friday, 21 June 2013

Featured Post: A Summer Playlist Perfect For Holidays

Music always sparks memories for me of places, stages and times in my life, both happy and sad. Hearing a tune after some time can suddenly transport you back to a moment, reminding you of the people, places and things that were in your life at that very time. For instance, whenever I hear Jamie Cullum's London Skies I remember a holiday in Puerto Banus where the song always played in our favourite cocktail beach bar where we sampled the most amazing fruity cocktails ever in the glorious sunshine - oh to be back there again sipping on a Lemon Cooler.

These days it is easy to put together playlists using tools such as Spotify which you can then share with friends and family. It can add to the excitement of a holiday, a big ocassion such as a wedding, or a birthday party if you compile one in advance, or indeed, following the event, to remind you of it. I love playlists and have many, my favourites being our wedding one, a special one I made when Ben was a baby and of course, our holiday playlist which features London Skies amongst others.

Recently Cumbrian-Cottages put together a great playlist ahead of the summer holidays which is based on a competition they ran to determine the nation's favourite summer songs and includes the following:


If you would like to get in the holiday mood this Friday, click here to listen to all these great song choices for yourself. Mr Blue Sky is my favourite out of these, now if only we'd get some!

*Disclaimer: This is a featured post and is written in association with Cumbrian-Cottages who put together this fun summer playlist.



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