Thursday, 20 June 2013

Carriwell Seamless Drop Cup Nursing Bra Review

I love my Carriwell Seamless Drop Cup Nursing bra, well "bras" to be correct, as I found the one I was sent to review was so comfortable that I bought another not long after the twins were born. My first impression was how soft and easy it is to wear which was exactly what I needed post complicated c-section and it is the reason why I continue to choose to wear it over my other nursing bras most days of the week.

The bra come in three colours; black, red and white and sizes S, M, L and XL which means that it is suitable from a 32A to 44I and it is comfortable enough for both day wear and sleep.

Flexibility in Sizing

One of the things that initially attracted me to this bra was the flexibility in sizing. Having breastfed in the past, I knew that once the babies arrived and my milk supply came in, my cup size would change and it was difficult to predict what size I would actually need post pregnancy. Having an adaptable bra is a wonderful solution and removes the necessity to go and get re-measured to accommodate the changes in your breasts during this extremely busy time. As my twins were in SCBU for two weeks after they arrived getting re-measured was the furthest thing from my mind, yet having a comfortable nursing bra to wear was so important especially during the long days and nights I spend nursing my babies.

The flexibility in sizing is due to the material which the bra is made of and the design. The material is a silky soft breathable microfiber fabric which moulds to your changing body and can "adapt and support" your breasts as they grow and change due to the milk supply. The clever design of this bra means that it can "expand" and then drop down a size and retain its support. According to BoobieMilk, "We have taken into consideration that women's breasts can increase by 2 cup sizes between feedings, and that it is imperative during pregnancy and nursing that milk ducts are not restricted."

It also comes with a complimentary bra extender adding to adjustability, especially if you want to use it through pregnancy to nursing where sizes change a lot. I haven't needed to use the extender but it is good to know that you have the option should it be required.

Comfort and Style

The Carriwell Seamless Drop Cup nursing bra is so comfortable to wear, it is not only suitable for day time but as a sleep bra too. It gives really good support and manages to give lift without the use of underwire thanks to the wide under band. It provides great coverage whether you are busy and active running about after a toddler and looking after newborn twins like me, or plan on using it as a sleep bra as the design ensures you will get support even if you sleep on your side.

As it is seamless and smooth it looks great worn under anything really and is pretty much invisible without being too high at the front so it can be worn under lower cut tops which you so often find is not the case with nursing bras.

When you want to nurse your baby you simply un-clip the drop cup and baby has quick and easy access to the breast while it is fast to do up again without any fussing about and messing.


I love this Carriwell bra, it is comfortable, functional and looks great under clothes. The flexibility and adaptability it offers makes it a great choice of bra to wear throughout pregnancy and while nursing or indeed, to pack in your hospital bag. It is available to purchase online from BoobieMilk and costs £22. A size guide is available on the site but it is also worth mentioning that BoobieMilk offer a fantastic free in-home fitting service which I am sure a lot of mums-to-be and new mummies would find invaluable.

*Disclaimer: I received a Carriwell Seamless Drop Cup Nursing Bra in black free of charge in exchange for a review. All opinions and views expressed here are my own and I think the fact that I went on to buy a second one proves just how fantastic this bra is.


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