Friday, 3 May 2013

The Twins are Home

Finally we're home
Yesterday was the BEST day ever, the twins got discharged from SCBU after thirteen very long days and nights. Finally, finally we were able to put Zachary and Zoey into their car seats and walk through the hospital exit doors as two very proud parents who would soon have all our family together under one roof.

Little Zachary

Even littler Zoey

Those of you following our story while in SCBU will know just how much I have missed Ben so I could not wait to get back to my "big little man" and to be able to be his Mummy properly again. I had been missing my Ben hugs and kisses so much, not to mention his fun and chatter. The relief, excitement and happiness of being left home can only be described as massive.

All my babies together

The deciding factor
Yesterday we were told depending on the twins weight gain we may be able to go home. It was like a tiny glimmer of hope through the difficult fog that it is while being in SCBU 24/7. Rooming in was great but cabin fever was hitting and I just wanted to be back to normal at home with everyone together.

I have been breastfeeding both twins on demand since their last weigh in so any change would be based on my ability to sustain and nourish them solely on my breast milk which I was starting to feel pressure about. I was also told that the swap from breastfeeding plus top up feeds to just feeding on demand can often result in babies losing weight so not to be surprised if it does especially for Zoey as she is so little.

The weigh in
It was a very nervous moment waiting to find out their weights. Zachary was up first and had gained weight while Zoey had sustained her weight since last time, not losing or gaining anything. We had no idea what this meant and waited anxiously for the doctor to come and tell us. I was upset, the thought of facing a further unknown amount of time in SCBU was difficult to take.

After what seemed like an age, the doctor who handed me Zoey minutes after she was born, came to see us. I was afraid to get my hopes up but he was smiling. He told us that our babies were coming home. I finally heard the words I was desperate to hear, we could at last start our life properly as a family of five.

After SCBU
Now we are home, the community team will be coming to visit us and monitor the twins weights and feeding for some time. Our first visit is later today, I just hope Zachary and Zoey's weights keep going up. We are home but still have a journey ahead but it feels oh so good to be all together where we should be at long last. I am one very happy Mummy right now.

The twins cosy in their Shnuggle Moses baskets


Simply-Hayley Glenister said...

Awesome news! I'm so pleased for you!

welshmumof3boys said...

That's fantastic news :) well done you xx

Jax Blunt said...

oh that's fabulous news! So happy for you. Hoping you get to spend lots of time just feeding and cuddlng now :)

Boo Roo and Tigger Too said...

How lovely to have them home and for you all to be a family altogether

Jo said...

Great news. So happy for you all xx

Sarahmumof3 said...

aww, just catching up so pleased your all home!

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