Friday, 26 April 2013

Twins in SCBU - Day 6

Another exciting step
It's been a long day and I am totally shattered but on a high because the twins have both been moved out of their incubators and are now dressed up in cute little baby clothes, swaddled and snuggled in cots. This is another big milestone hit on their journey towards getting them home and they look oh so very adorable all dressed up at last.

Here is Zachary in his cute little red hat..

..and Zoey in her adorable pink and purple cardigan.

The twins feeds today
Both babies have mostly been fed with breast milk today whether it has come straight from source or expressed. I even tried tandem feeding them at the same time tonight which was a bit tricky to do sitting on a hospital chair but I have a feeling once they are home this will get easier as I will be able to sit more comfortably with them and get them both in a better position to latch on at the same time.

A positive end to a long day
As hard as it was leaving them tonight, it felt so much better seeing them all snuggled up and cosy in their cots rather than in incubators. I just hope they have a good night tonight.


Notmyyearoff said...

They are so adorable :) and sounds like you're all getting there together, day by day x

oneblueonepink said...

Great progress! They look adorable in their little clothes! Xx

Emma said...

Fantastic, they are gorgeous. x

Elaine Livingstone said...

shes got long fingers

prissypeach123 said...

Cute Baby

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