Thursday, 25 April 2013

Twins in SCBU - Day 5

Visiting the twins
I woke up this morning desperate to see Zachary and Zoey. You know that kind of "I want to be there, and I want to be there right now" feeling. If I was a toddler I would have been throwing a seriously impressive tantrum. That 30-40 minute trip to the hospital always seems to take forever but it did even more so today, I just needed to be near my babies.

Breastfeeding my babies
We got there to discover we had just missed care but were told that Zachary was looking like he was trying to suck so I I could try breastfeeding later. I did and he latched on and had a really good feed. It felt so right being able to sit there and nurse him properly finally.

Zoey was up next for a feed and she too latched on and breastfed. She was also given the milk that I had expressed the night before, it wasn't a massive amount but it feels like I am finally able to do something more towards my babies care.

Daily schedule
Zoey is currently on two hourly feeds whereas Zachary is on three hourly so we are trying to be there for as many as we can along with fitting in some time for Ben during the day.

It's hard splitting time and striking a balance but on the whole though things are feeling really positive.

Seeing progress
When I look back over photos from previous days I can see that both babies look like they are getting chubbier, especially Zachary, and Zoey is starting to fill out a little around her face too which is helping her to grow into her features if you know what I mean.

Zoey never stops moving and stretching her legs which is probably because she is so happy to have the room to do so now she's out of her cramped position in my tummy.

Zachary loves being all snuggly and cuddled up and looks so cute when he does. They always seem quite happy and placid when we are visiting so we are hoping they are like that when we take them home.

Next steps
The next big step now is getting them out of their incubators and into cots and I have my fingers crossed that will happen soon.

The way I look at it now is that every day is a step closer to being back home, hopefully that day is less than two weeks away and we can put this phase behind us and enjoy being a family of five.


Ramblings Of A Suburban Mummy said...

Wow, less than 2 weeks until you get them home? I've got everything crossed for you, things will be a lot easier without all the travelling and getting settled as a family xx

Elaine Livingstone said...

look at the length of those legs, impressive. glad things are going from strength to strength

oneblueonepink said...

They are doing so well! Love reading these updates! X

Emma said...

I'm so glad things are going well. Look after yourself. xx

innocentcharmer said...

Huge hugs. Having a baby let alone 2 in SCBU is hard. I used to sob. But it soon passes so quickly and feels like a distant memory. Excellent news on the BF'ing. Grayson was hourly fed in the first 2 wks so the twins are doing amazing xxxx

Aly said...

Oh you're all doing so well.Congratulations and i hope the next two weeks go quickly.

Five's A Fellowship said...

Fellow twin mum here! Your little ones are beautiful and although it may seem like a long, hard slog to get to where you want to be (at home with your angels!), you will get there! I was in a similar position with my first child - having to drive for half an hour every day, just to see him for four months but it's worth it despite the frustration. You are doing brilliantly and it wont be long before this all seems like some distant memory!

Super Amazing Mum said...

they are absolutely gorgeous xx

CJ Amummysview said...

awww that is so fab! sounds like they are doing really well. I am so pleased for you. Please give them a big hug from me they are sooooo cute! xxx

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