Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Twins in SCBU - Day 11

It's been busy
A lot has happened in the last few days with plenty of highs and lows. On Sunday we were asked to "room in" at the SCBU to begin establishing feeding. It was so hard leaving on Sunday evening after we popped home to see Ben and grab some clothes. I hate not knowing when I'll next be home to him. I miss him so much, I really want a Ben hug right now. I'm just so grateful my Mom dropped everything as soon as I found out about having the c-section and flew over from Ireland to mind him. I don't know how we would be managing without her.

Rooming in
The first night of rooming in resulted in us going back and forth to the twins in their ward, feeding, changing and comforting them as required.

We were up and down most of the night which was tough going, not just because of the twins and what we were doing but because of the non stop crying of the other babies in the room and the never ending beeping of monitors and alarms going off. I was delighted though that we were well on our way to establishing feeding on demand with Zachary and had a feeling Zoey wouldn't be far behind.

My Operation
Yesterday I had a postnatal appointment and it was decided that I had to have an emergency operation for a haematoma that resulted following the c section. It had gotten so swollen they needed to evacuate it immediately so I was re-admitted for a few days however I have been able to spend my time in our room in the SCBU rather than the labour ward which is so much better.

A surprise visitor
I had the operation around 10pm and by midnight I had a visitor, little Zoey wasn't settling so the nurses in SCBU and my husband brought her to me. She had a feed and then a snuggle lying on my chest and was off to sleep. However as soon as she was back in SCBU both the twins were unsettled again so I asked to be taken down in a wheelchair where I stayed until around 4.30am. I was sore but I was determined to keep my babies happy and get breastfeeding on demand back on track. When I left to go back upstairs I had two very happy settled babies.

Rooming in with the twins

This morning the nurse assigned to the twins told us we could take them into our room and breastfeed them both on demand. This has been so much better. We have a sense of normality, just me and my husband looking after our babies as we would at home and doing our best to crack breastfeeding on demand.

I've loved all the snuggles we have been getting with Zachary and Zoey. It feels wonderful to just be able to lie on the bed and cuddle them rather than sitting on a chair in the SCBU. It feels like we are making real progress.


cafebebe said...

Simply gorgeous Mags. So pleased to see such progress. Zoey and Zachary are fighters! Take care of you too!
Karin xx

FleurP said...

They look beautiful, and very content. Pleased to hear all is going to plan with the feeding, it's hard enough with one! All the best for moving forward and soon be home. :-D

Bex @ The Mummy Adventure said...

So glad that all is going well now!

pinkoddy said...

You are doing so amazingly. Am glad they are coming on so well - and how gorgeous!

CJ Amummysview said...

awww this is so so lovely. I am so glad they seem to be doing well and you can have a sense of normality with them. Very pleased for you, this post has given me my biggest smile of the day xxx

Red Rose Mummy said...

Ah, beautiful photos. So glad you are making good progress.

Laura Mcintyre said...

The pictures are bringing tears to my eyes :)

My first was not premature but had health issues and spent the first month in special care so i easily remember how tough it was. The feeling of rooming in and *finally* getting to cuddle /feed your baby is overwhelming and just so lovely.

I cannot wait to read the post when you are all home and settling into a family of 5.

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