Friday, 5 April 2013

My Twin Pregnancy - Week 33

The weeks are really whizzing by now and I definitely feel like we are on the countdown to D-Day. It's exciting, scary and well if I'm honest, there is also an element of worry hitting too, as I guess there is with any birth, but even more so this time around as it's twins.

 32 Week Scan & the Babies

I had my thirty two week ultrasound scan and checkup this week and it is safe to say, it is getting rather squashed in there which made it difficult for the sonographer to get a clear view of the babies and take accurate measurements, especially of poor Twin one who is pretty low down. I think she said that he/she is now engaged but I could be wrong as my hearing isn't the best at the moment due to pregnancy stuffiness.

Twin two has moved from his/her breech position and is head down also which explains the ninja like attacks on my ribs as the two babies double team me with their kung fu kicks. From this point on, I was told they will start to keep a closer eye on the twins with weekly appointments which is good but I can't help feeling slightly anxious over the constant monitoring. As always I'm keeping my fingers crossed the babies get to stay in as long as possible to avoid the need to stay in hospital too long after their birth and after speaking to the consultant I am setting my hopes on thirty seven weeks (so please keep your fingers crossed for me or say a little prayer they will too).

Getting Ready for the Big Arrival

I feel like we are nearly there now with all the things we need for the twins and since my last update we have added a few. Our two beautiful Shnuggle Moses Baskets have arrived and are ready complete with rocker stands which Ben has assured me the twins will love (not that I was in any doubt). It looks like he has decided that he will be in charge of rocking the babies to sleep.

The BabyPing Video monitor is set up on the Stokke Sleepi with two of Ben's Waybuloos as test subjects. The picture is really impressive and I can't  help but load the app every so often to keep putting it to the test. I love the BabyPing+ app as well which works remotely and lets you check it when you are outside the house which we did while on our recent stay in Butlins. I really am impressed by this monitor and so glad we have it for the twins.

I have a hospital bag more or less packed with just a few bits to get this weekend for it as I keep forgetting things like shower gel and so on. My gorgeous Pink Lining Twins changing bag is packed and ready with clothes and essentials for the babies. I *may* also have ordered another few items essentials to go into it which are arriving next week. I have to admit I'm finding it hard to resist all the cute little baby clothes I keep seeing online. Judging what size to get is hard so I have opted for the tiny baby or petite sizes which go up to 7 or 7.5lbs rather than the bigger newborn ones.


We have finally come up with a bunch of names we like, deciding to approach it by sticking all those we both like on post-it's on the lounge wall for a few days and then eliminating ones we couldn't agree on, keeping the rest. The result being we now have options for a set of boy/girl twins, a girl/girl set but still need to narrow down the boy/boy options to two. So at least the babies shouldn't go nameless for too long when they do arrive.

Me and the Pregnancy

As far as how the pregnancy is going, it has hit that uncomfortable stage where even the slightest thing is an effort to do which is annoying for someone like me who likes to be active and do things with Ben while keeping on top of the jobs around the house but physically I have to admit I am struggling which is frustrating at times.

My legs swell so much now, far more than in my last update, that I don't recognise them anymore and when they do, my knees resemble those of a rugby player (without the hair I promise!) making it difficult to even bend them - it's not pretty and I look rather distorted, no longer able to wear a lot of my maternity clothes so mostly living in lounge trousers, yoga bottoms and my only pair of jeans that still fit, my much beloved leggings sadly aren't even a possibility now. Add to that backache, persistent heartburn and just general aches and pains from carrying all the extra weight around - it's tiring and this twin pregnancy is certainly taking it's toll on my body a lot more than my last pregnancy did. Trying to find a comfortable sleeping position is a bit of a mission too so I'm feeling zombie like a lot of the time.

Ben and my Bump

I feel like Ben is really bonding with the babies already. He sat for ages this morning with his hand on my belly while watching TV and every so often turning to say "I love you babies" and kissing my bump. 

He likes to call himself "grown up Benjamin" and talks to my bump telling the twins "this is your big brother Ben" while making funny noises for them waiting for a reaction which he usually gets in the form of a kick or perhaps it's a wave. He really is a little sweetheart, I'm squeezing out every drop of the "just us" time we have together before the babies arrive as I know it will be so much busier then and things will change.

Until my next update I leave you with these funny pics I spotted on the hospital's notice board this week.


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