Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Guest Post: Night Out Ideas for Busy Mums

You know what it’s like; running around all day after the kids can leave you pretty tired by the end of the day! Though being a parent may seem scary at first, but it’s so much fun and every moment spent with our kids is just wonderful. But anyone would admit, getting some time to yourself now and again is just bliss!

Nothing much is better for a real pick-me-up than a night with the girls. Here’s a few ideas for what to do when the girls are together, and how to really let your hair down!


Who doesn’t love wine? What about meeting up with the girls in a swanky, sophisticated wine bar? Let’s face it; it’s certainly a winner of dragging everyone into a cramped, sweaty nightclub.

Have a meal together, and get some cheese to nibble with a glass (or two!) of wine. There’s just something about wine and nibbles that really makes conversation flow easier – and it’s the perfect place to get the gossip!


For a bit of glitz and glamour, bingo is always a winner. Even if you’re not up on bingo lingo, you and the girls can have a great time playing bingo. Plus, you might even get to win a bit of lolly!

Or perhaps you could go to a casino? Put aside a tenner, and have fun playing a few games of roulette or spend some pennies on slot machines. Plus, it’s a perfect opportunity to dress up super-glam.

Retro tunes!

Forget the teen-pop rubbish you hear on the radio right now. What you need is some real retro beats.

Increasingly these days, you will find bars that only play retro music, or host retro music nights. There’s nothing better than singing along with the girls to tunes you used to love back in college. And it doesn’t matter how out of tune you are!

Stay in?

For excitement, a night out with the girls has all you need. But have you considered maybe staying in instead? A recent survey by Ladbrokes Bingo showed that hundreds of women across the country prefer a night in than a night out. 70% of the women actually preferred getting a takeaway, a few bottles of wine, and having a good chat with their friends in the comfort of the own homes.

Whether you decide to stay in or go out, it’s important to have a break from the kids now and again. So why not ring your mates right now and get your heads together!

Disclaimer: This is a guest post by Ladbrokes Bingo.


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