Thursday, 10 January 2013

My Twin Pregnancy - Week 20

I have finally hit the half way mark, although I suspect we are actually over half way there as I have been told to expect the twins to be born a few weeks early. My bump is a lot bigger and higher up already than it was at this stage of my pregnancy with Ben. I am definitely feeling and looking pregnant now.

We had the twenty week anomaly scan last week and it really couldn't have gone any better. I was nervous and excited before it, I guess the word "anomaly" always makes you worry just a little but thankfully everything is on track. The two babies are growing well, with twin two a little bigger than twin one but both within the normal size ranges for the dates which is a relief. We decided not to find out the gender, preferring to keep it a surprise, as my husband says, "it's a bit like unwrapping you Christmas present before Christmas morning otherwise". The lady doing the ultrasound was lovely and she explained everything to us as she scanned. She said twin two has a lot more room to move about at the moment due to his/her position so it is no surprise I can feel the kicks from him/her so strongly all the time.

Ben loved seeing the babies again and was very excited when one of the twins waved to him. When it came to checking the hearts he instantly recognised what they were on screen and said, "look the heart beating", I think we may have the Toca Doctor app to thank for that. We also got two lovely photos from the scan to add to our twins photo album.

I am loving all the little movements and kicks I can feel now, sometimes it feels like one twin sets the other off and there is an avalanche of kicks and punches all over my tummy which is an amazing feeling. Last night my husband and I were laughing out loud at the strength of their kicks, I'm convinced it's only days away from twin two kicking my belly button out, something I avoided with Ben and I am definitely a bit freaked out about.

Ben is being really sweet about the "babies in mummy's tummy" and often snuggles up to me on the sofa rubbing my tummy. He even decided to build special robots for the babies on the iPad which he had to show them by holding the iPad up to my tummy. He has started talking about his baby toys that he is going to let the babies play with and is being really helpful around the house for me, doing little jobs to help mummy like letting Coco out and helping clear up after mealtimes. I just know he is going to be a great big brother.

This week we have started making a list of what we need to get before the twins arrive. While we have stuff from when Ben was a baby, certain things like our beloved Stokke Xplory won't be suitable for the twins so we need to get a new one, the quest to find a twin pram / stroller that ticks all the boxes is a whole other post which I will write once I do a bit more research. I have to admit that going through this list, coupled with me thinking about how I am going to juggle two newborns and a very active toddler especially when he starts preschool panicked me a little bit at first but now that I've thought and talked about it I know deep down we will adjust and cope when the time comes and it is going to be very special not to mention amazing having twins and I know how very lucky we are. One thing on my to do list though is to make sure that I look into twins clubs and Tamba groups in our area which every twin mum I know has suggested to me so thanks all who have.

Until the next update I leave you with the photos of Twin One and Twin Two.

Twin 1 - all snuggled up

Twin 2 - the little kicker!


Tas D said...

Wow congratulations!!! I hope it's all going well!

SusanKMann said...

So cute. Glad you are keeping well and everything is going well. It's a huge relief when you get the anomaly scan and all is confirmed as well. Hugs x

The Mini Mes and Me said...

Pleased to hear all is well! Any name ideas? X

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