Monday, 3 December 2012

Very Special Christmas Treats from Hotel Chocolat

Just over two weeks ago now when we were in the depths of packing to move I received the most wonderful surprise - a Dark Hat Box collection from Hotel Chocolat. It instantly brightened things up and made us look beyond the chaos of the mounting pile of boxes in our midst.

Inside the beautifully wrapped box there was the most fantastic selection of nineteen dark chocolate treats. Each one looked as tempting as the next so it was hard to know which to pick first. There were Salted Caramel delights, festive Christmas cake flavour, egg nog and tree shaped treats, not forgetting the very potent Whisky Toddy and Rum Truffle chocolates.

I love the fact that there is a Tipple Guide in the menu which includes No alcohol, A generous dash and Could blow your socks off. Being pregnant I left the alcohol laden ones to my husband who was only too happy to try them and confirmed with all certain that they really do blow your socks off.

My favourites were the Festive Christmas Cake and Christmas Mess which were so very delicious and definitely festive. I can’t quite explain the delight you experience when sampling these chocolates, they are each so special and utterly delicious. We somehow managed to make the box last nearly two weeks, treating ourselves when Ben was asleep as they are definitely not for kids. I have to admit I was very disappointed when we finished the box but immediately asked my husband for some Hotel Chocolat treats for Christmas.

I can highly recommend the Hotel Chocolat Christmas range if you are looking for a special chocolate Christmas present that is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression this year. They have the most wonderful selection from the Hat Box like this (priced at £25) to giant Christmas Crackers just bursting with chocolates.

*Disclaimer: I received the Dark Hat Box collection free from Hotel Chocolat in exchange for a review. All opinions and views expressed are my own.


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