Wednesday, 5 December 2012

The Perfect Roast with a Little Help from Aunt Bessie's

There are somethings in life that cannot be replaced by the fancy and the exotic and one of those things is most definitely the traditional roast dinner complete with all the trimmings. Maybe it is because I am Irish and well as some would say, we were raised on spuds but for me, the thing that defines a good roast is not just the meat but the quality of the roast potatoes on the plate.

We all know good roasties take time to prepare if you want to get them just right. As a busy mum I don’t always have time to do them from scratch but that doesn’t mean we have to miss out. Thankfully I came across an excellent cheat to make sure I can still get them just how my family like to the dinner table. My solution came with a little help from good ole Aunt Bessie's. The range includes Home Style Roast Potatoes, Potatoes Basted in Duck Fat which are great for special occasions such as Christmas, Midweek Mini Roasties and Mini Roasties - Garlic and Herb if you fancy trying something a bit different. The Mini’s take just twenty minutes to cook while the others take thirty and the great thing is that you can keep a bag in your freezer ready to use when you need them. They come out of the oven deliciously crisp and golden and the whole family are sure to love the added ‘roastiness’ within their roast potatoes.

The help doesn’t stop there though, Aunt Bessie's also does the most delicious Honey Glazed Roast Parsnips, Yorkshires and Classic Gravy Granules so there really is an easy way to get the perfect roast complete with all the trimmings to the table even during the week.

When I hear of Aunt Bessie's, I always think of the hilarious ladies, Margaret and Mabel from the TV adverts who make it their mission to snoop on their neighbouring family at dinner time in a quest to discover the secret of how they manage to have the perfect roast not just at the weekend but midweek too. There is a new advert released which is even funnier than the last and definitely worth a watch so take a look below.

* Disclaimer: I received a payment for writing about the Aunt Bessie range. All opinions and views expressed are entirely my own.


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