Wednesday, 28 November 2012

My Twin Pregnancy - Week 14

I am now fourteen weeks pregnant, I'll be fifteen on Friday and finally have a small bump to show for it. I have started to feel some little movements from the babies occasionally too which is exciting and very reassuring as it was around now I remember feeling Ben move for the first time too. I have a feeling they are going to be pretty active just like he was, he certainly gave me some serious kicking when he was inside.

We moved house recently which meant finding a new doctor and getting into the hospital system here which I was a bit worried about as I didn't know how long waiting lists would be and so on. Thankfully though I found a really great surgery nearby and, although they are not accepting new patients until next January, they agreed to take me on and made me an appointment with the midwife at the surgery straight away.

My new Maternity Notes
Things are done so much differently here than in London, I had my booking in appointment with a lovely midwife who advised me on the hospitals in the area and was so helpful giving me heaps of information and arranging everything. It was a very different experience to my previous booking in appointment just a few weeks ago where the lady doing it, while friendly and nice, was hard to understand due to her english and had to keep darting in and out to ask another midwife questions, it took forever and felt a tad stressful to say the least. The other great thing is that I will be able to go to the local hospital which is walking distance from me for scans and consultants appointments, of which I am told there will be many due to it being a twin pregnancy. This will definitely make things a whole lot easier especially with Ben as there won't be such a distance to haul him about.

According to my many pregnancy iPhone apps, which I love reading the weekly baby development on, the babies are now around 8-9cm or the size of a large orange. Amazingly their fingerprints have now developed - how teeny tiny must they be?, and they are busy practicing breathing and doing acrobatics. It's so crazy and wonderful to think all that development is going on inside my tummy, at least it explains why I'm so tired these days.

Picture from of the iPregnancy iPhone app which is one of my favourite pregnancy apps


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