Monday, 15 October 2012

Say Hello to Rufety the Singalongz Dog

Ben loves opening boxes when they arrive in the post and today he was super excited to discover Rufety the Singalongz Dog inside.

Rufety the Singalongz Dog
Rufety comes with a microphone which you pair by holding the stars on both to link which takes seconds, you know it has linked when it lights up and you hear a magical noise. Then the fun begins, everything that you speak into the microphone is repeated by Rufety's rather deep doggie voice. It is simply hilarious. Ben spent the whole day speaking into the microphone giving me a running commentary of what he was watching, the toys he was playing with, the books he was reading and so on.

When his Daddy came home from work, he was just as impressed as Ben by Rufety but decided it should be used as an intercom and sent Ben out to the kitchen with Rufety while he chilled in the lounge sending requests over the microphone for beer. (I'll have to remember that one and put Rufety to work for me at some stage.)

Rufety Dog is one of a range of four Singalongz cuddly toys which also include Coby the bear, Me-me the cat and Dally the duck. You can collect and connect all four toys to create your own Singalongz group - I can just imagine how funny all four singing together would sound, each with their own unique animal singing style. These cuddly toys are very well designed, soft and cuddly with cute features which give them heaps of personality and make them appealing to both boys and girls.

You can find Rufety the Dog Singalongz toy and friends available to purchase online from Find Me A priced at £29.99. The microphone needs 4 x AAA batteries and Rufety requires 4 x AA batteries. I can highly recommend Singalongz and guarantee they will provide endless entertainment for your kids and you.

*Disclaimer: I received Rufety Dog Singalongz toy free of charge in exchange for a review. All opinions and views expressed are my own.


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