Friday, 1 June 2012

popchips! A Healthy Snack Choice

We received a box of popchips earlier this week and they have definitely been a huge hit with all the family. We got four different flavours to try - barbeque, original, salt & pepper and sour cream & onion which were one as delicious as the next. They have most certainly passed the toddler test, Daddy approves and this Mummy loves them too, not just because they are so delicious but for their healthy factor which is a big win for me!

Popchips! A Healthy Snack Alternative, four flavours, original, barbeque, salt and pepper
The four yummy flavours we got to try
popchips are just as their name suggests, popped, not fried or baked which makes them healthy and tasty. They are simply heated, a little pressure is applied and pop! they are turned into chips which then have some all-natural seasoning applied and result in a yummy snack. The good news is that there is less than half the fat in popchips than other fried potato chips and with less than a hundred calories, no cholesterol and zero grams of trans fat you really can enjoy this snack without guilt. They are a great option for kids too as they have no fake colours, flavours or preservatives and due to the fact they are not fried they don't result in messy greasy hands, a definite bonus if you ask me.

Popchips! A Healthy Snack Alternative, a big hit with Ben
They were a big hit with Ben!
So next time you are looking for a "healthy" snack why not try some popchips, you won't be disappointed! They are available to buy from a range of retailers including Waitrose and WH Smiths.

I've got to say I love this snacker's credo which was on the popchips box.

Popchips! A Healthy Snack Alternative, the snacker's credo
Snacking is good!
* Disclaimer: I received a selection of popchips to sample in exchange for a review - this has in no way biased my opinion.


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