Friday, 8 June 2012

Guest Post: Top Five Family Party Themes

For families looking to have a memorable party, fancy dress is the perfect way to make it even more fun. To make it more enjoyable still, you could have a themed party where everyone dresses up wearing similar outfits and organise all the food, drinks, games and even gifts around that theme. If a themed family party interests you, but you’re stuck for ideas, here are five top family party themes:
  1. 60’s theme – if your childhood started or spanned this decade, why not take you and your kids on a nostalgia trip. You could serve food that you had as a kid to your children, play retro board games and even watch TV programmes. As for fancy dress outfits, you could dress as hippies or celebrities from that era like the Beatles.

  2. Halloween theme – ideal for the end of October, buying halloween costumes and organising fun activities such as apple bobbing could be perfect for you and everyone else in your family. You could dress like popular figures such as Dracula and the Grim Reaper if you really wanted.
  3. Celebrity theme – you might think that this theme is strictly for adults, but that’s not the case. The great thing about this theme is that you could dress like any celebrity you like, whether it’s someone in the news or one who you or your children admire greatly.
  4. Karaoke party theme – while singing along to your favourite tunes, you can prepare light snacks such as chips and dip to eat when you please. While performing the songs, you could dress like the artist to add to the fun.
  5. Film theme – many fancy dress costume retailers sell outfits with a film theme relating to famous movies such as Lord of the Rings, and by dressing like characters from a certain film, you can have a lot of fun. Perhaps you could act out scenes from the movie or even play games relating to the film.
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We had lots of fun at our Halloween Themed Party last year
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