Monday, 21 May 2012

Guest Post: Tips for a Happy Camping Staycation

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Summer is nearly here and that means one thing – holiday time! Going away during pregnancy or with babies, toddlers and kids can be tricky though, especially if money is tight, which is the case for so many families right now. One option some parents may be exploring is the prospect of going camping to keep costs to a minimum and because there seems to be a real buzz around staycations right now. Here a few tips to make sure if you do go camping with kids that you enjoy your time in the great outdoors:

Think carefully about where you go camping
Even though money may be tight, don’t necessary decide on a campsite purely on a price basis. Check out what facilities they have and what’s nearby in close proximity. Perhaps ask the kids if they’re old enough to decide what type of activities they’d like to do on holiday and factor this into the planning stages. Remember if you’re taking a baby with you that you need to ensure they have appropriate facilities.

Do a practice run
That first holiday away for new parents can be a daunting time, so it may be worth doing a practice run. Perhaps go away for a night or two close to home to get yourselves and your baby used to being in unfamiliar surroundings for the first time since the new arrival. Remember, it’s a trial and error process, so get ready for if and when things go wrong and learn to roll with the punches.

It’s all about layers
When it comes to packing, pretty much pack clothing for every eventuality for your kids. The last thing you want to do is have an unhappy child at night when the temperature falls and you’ve failed to prepare properly. Other essentials to pack include bug repellent and a first-aid kit.

Pitch up in a sensible place
Pick a decent place to pitch your tent – ideally in a flat spot that’s far enough away from other campers so you don’t disturb people and are close enough to toilets, showers and any other useful facilities.

Get the kids involved
As every parent knows only too well, kids are incredibly intuitive and have a real thirst for knowledge, so get them involved in all the different aspects of camping life. It feels like time almost stands still during camping trips so embrace this, relax and take your time. Enjoy spending a bit of quality time with each other.

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