Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Toy Story Read-Along iPad App Review

Ben watched Toy Story for the first time last week and he absolutely loved it so I thought I'd check out the App Store and see if there were any apps available. The good news is there is and it is free. The Toy Story Read-Along iPad app compliments the movie perfectly with it's read-along story based on the movie, interactive features, games, music and painting. Ben was thrilled when I showed it to him.

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Toy Story Read-Along app

There are three reading options which include Read To Me, Auto-turn Pages and Young Reader Mode. If you select Read To Me the story is narrated either professionally or by your own voice if you have used the Record option to record yourself. As each word is read it is highlighted which is great for helping children to learn to read. If Auto-turn Pages is switched on the pages turn automatically, if not you have to swipe to progress to the next page. Finally Young Reader mode integrates the other options in the app such as the games like the Parachute Jump, Music and Painting mode, these appear as a circle on some of the pages as you read the story and can be touched to leave the story and play them. 
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Read To Me mode with words highlighted. You can also see all the options available along the bottom
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Young Reader Mode with Music option visible

The Painting activity allows you to select between three pictures to finger paint. You also have the option to remove the lines and free draw. This is a very user friendly painting game, it is easy to select the colours you want to use or select a reveal option which auto-colours the page as you draw which is great for little ones. It also allows you to zoom into four different areas of the page to make colouring in easier and once finished you can email your masterpiece. Ben loves the painting game and I can highly rate it for the design.
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The Music option allows you to select between two of the well loved songs from Toy Story to play which are You've Got a Friend in Me and Strange Things. The lyrics also appear and each word is highlight karaoke style so you can sing along. I have to admit we have had a lot of fun singing along to them.

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The Games option allows you to select between two games the Parachute Drop and Toy Barn Maze, both of which can be played in Easy, Normal or Hard modes. In the Parachute Drop you have to tilt the iPad left and right to avoid the obstacles and help the soldier get safely to the bottom. In Toy Barn Maze you have to help Buzz and the gang find their way out of Al's Toy Barn by tapping and dragging Buzz around the maze and picking up the other toys along the way until you reach the exit. Both these games really are a lot of fun and kids are sure to love them.

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Two games available to choose from with 3 difficulty levels to choose from
Toy Story Read-Along really does have a lot to offer all in one app and is sure to keep fans both young and old entertained for quite some time. It is available to download for free from the App Store and is compatible with the iPad.


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