Saturday, 28 April 2012

Grandma's Garden iPad / iPhone App Review

Grandma's Garden by Fairlady Media is a very sweet, highly engaging and educational app preschoolers are sure to love. It contains a series of mini games which help to develop skills in counting and numbers, memory and logic, letters, colours, shapes and vocabulary. It is a bright and well designed app with fun graphics and music which will appeal to young kids.

Grandma's Garden iPad / iPhone app settings, kids apps
Settings - select games & switch music on or off
There are five mini games available to play in the app and these can be switched on or off in the settings. In the Count Vegetables game you help Grandma count her vegetables and put them in her bag by touching them one by one on screen. Match Vegetables is a matching game which helps to improve memory by turning cards to match pairs of vegetables. Colour the Vegetables is a game in which you use your finger to swipe and reveal the vegetable's correct colour and it's big smiling face which my toddler loves. The First Letters game asks you select the correct first letter of the vegetable from a choice of three letters on screen. In the Shapes mini game you have to select the watering can with the correct shape to help Grandma water her garden.

Grandma's Garden iPad / iPhone app, First Letter Mini Game
First Letter game
Grandma's Garden iPad / iPhone app, Shapes Mini Game
Grandma's Garden iPad / iPhone app - Shapes Mini Game
Grandma's Garden iPad / iPhone app, Colouring Mini Game
Grandma's Garden iPad / iPhone app - Colouring Mini Game
When you play the app the games are alternated which keeps it interesting and entertaining for little ones. There are lots of positive comments from Grandma as you progress through the games which is just like a Grandmother would be in real life. It is also great for teaching kids the names of all their vegetables and you can be sure that after playing with this app for a little while they will be able to recognise and name a wide variety including lettuce, cucumber, broccoli, tomato, potato, corn, chili pepper, mushroom,  artichoke, pumpkin and peas to name but a few. Every so often during the game Grandma appears on screen and you are asked to give her a kiss which is so very sweet.

Give Grandma a kiss
Give Grandma a kiss
Both Ben and I love this app. The idea behind it is so nice with such a lovable warm Grandma character helping your child throughout as they learn, it is one of those apps that is sure to bring a smile to both your child's face as they play and yours as you watch them enjoy it so much. I should mention that this app uses US English rather than UK which personally I do not find a problem but it does mean that certain things like vegetables we refer to as aubergine in the UK are called eggplant which is the US English version.

Grandma's Garden is available to download from the AppStore for 69p and is compatible with both iPhone and iPad. I can highly recommend this app both from an educational and fun point of view.

Ben enjoying playing the Grandma's Garden app, kids apps, educational apps
Ben enjoying playing the Grandma's Garden app
* Disclaimer: I received a promo code to download this app but this has in no way biased my opinion.


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