Wednesday, 4 April 2012

The Gallery: At Peace

This weeks theme for The Gallery is At Peace. These days the only time there truly is peace in my house is when Ben is asleep. He talks non stop, climbs everything, runs about and is always on a "mission" to get something done which he more often than not he "needs Mama's help" with. It's a lovely stage and a whole lot of fun but so busy that these moments of peace and quiet are definitely much needed.

I took this first picture last week while I was waiting to meet my husband for lunch, Ben had dropped off to sleep in his carrier on the way after a busy morning. Sitting in the sun with my little man asleep in my arms, people watching and playing on my iPhone - yes it is safe to say I was enjoying a nice peaceful moment.

This second picture was taken on Sunday, we were on the way to the park and Ben fell asleep which meant my husband and I got to take a detour to the pub where we sat in the sunniest spot in the garden and enjoyed a drink without one of us having to run about after Ben. This doesn't happen very often so it was truly bliss.


Lucy at Dear Beautiful Boy said...

Ahh both those pictures and stories sound like lovely, blissful, peaceful mummy moments. Gorgeous.

sabrina montagnoli said...

Oh yes getting some mummy time is definitely peaceful.

Mummy's Space said...

 Thank you! I did really enjoy them. :)

Mummy's Space said...

 Definitely and much needed at times!

Jennypaulin said...

If the accident hadnt happened last night, my post was going to be all about my two sleeping and how that is my peace time!
What gorgeous photos I especially like the second one. He looks so at peace too :)
I have forgotten to ask you how the weaning him off breast feeding is going! Hope it's ok xx

Susan Mann said...

Such a cute picture. x

Lou @ SunnySide said...

Great pics :-)
I have a talker too - G started to mumble as soon as he made noise, then he started to talk and it got even more - now at nearly 14 the only time he is actually silent is when he is in trouble - otherwise, he whitters none stop - even in his sleep!

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