Thursday, 12 April 2012

Day 103 of The 366 Project

After a mix up with a Tesco order yesterday where Mrs Potato Head turned up instead of Mr Potato Head and resulted in a very disappointed toddler I managed to get hold of the right one for Ben today. He was very happy indeed and it has kept him (and me) entertained for most of the day.

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Attachment Mummy said...

Ah!  Lara absolutely loves her "tato", great fun!

HELEN said...

I love Mr Potato head!

TheBoyandMe said...

I really need to get The Boy a Mr. Potato Head, he keeps asking for one. Never mind his birthday's soon so I'll put it on his birthday list for him.

Thanks for linking up

Mummy's Space said...

Oh you should - it's so much fun! I bet you'll love Mr. Potato Head as much as the boy! x

Mummy's Space said...

Me too! So much fun :)

Mummy's Space said...

Ah cute - Ben calls him 'Tato' head more often than not too!

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