Monday, 12 March 2012

Mummy you ok?

When we were in the park today I got hit in the head with a rather soggy tennis ball that a woman was throwing for her two dogs Harry and Emma (yes odd I know but the dogs were really called that). The lady came over and apologised, apparently she thought it would "go over" my head. While she clearly she needs glasses to think that I politely said I was fine and not to worry however Ben was not going to be so forgiving.

Ben pointed accusingly at the lady and said loudly for all in the vicinity to hear "the lady bashed poor Mummy with the bouncy ball!" and then for the rest of our time at the park repeatedly asked me "Mummy you ok?" and had to give me "hugs to make Mummy all better again". My heart melted at how concerned he was for me and protective too. I gladly soaked up all the hugs he had to give me.

Mummy you ok?


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