Thursday, 16 February 2012

The Miko Series iPad Apps Review

I am a big fan of apps by Auryn Inc and have reviewed quite a few of our favourites here so I thought it was time to add to this list and tell you about the wonderful series of Miko e-books which are such sweet stories, beautifully illustrated and all featuring a very endearing little mouse character, Miko who children are sure to love - I know Ben does, as do I! All the apps are based on Brigitte Weninger series of books by the same name and illustrated by Stephanie Roehe. Each of these books has a lovely feel good quality to it which I love and are perfect for bedtime reading or quiet time.

There are eight apps in the series which include Miko “Mom, Wake Up and Play”, Miko “It Was Me, Mom”, Miko Wants a Dog, Miko - No Bath! No Way!, Miko Double Birthday, Miko Goes on Vacation, Miko Where is Mimiki and Miko Moves Out. Ben's favourite of these is Miko Wants a Dog which is not at all surprising as he is nuts about dogs and just loves anything with one in it whether it is an apps, books, television shows etc. He makes me laugh when we read it as he copies Miko who tells the dog in it to sit, Ben in turn orders our dog, Coco to do the same but unfortunately she is not as co-operative, still he keeps trying - maybe someday she will :). My favourite is Miko "Mom, Wake Up and Play”, I just love the story of how little Miko goes about entertaining himself until his Mom's alarm clock goes off - it really has the sweetest "aahhh" inducing ending.

Ben's favourite - Miko Wants a Dog

My favourite - Miko "Mom Wake Up and Play"
When you load one of these apps you are presented with three modes to select from, Read To Me, Auto Play and Read Myself. Read Myself allows you to read the book to your little one in a traditional way at your own pace. Read To Me and Auto Play are both narrated versions with Read To Me navigated by touching an arrow to move forward and Auto Play moving forward once the text on each page is read. Both these modes come in very useful if you need to keep your child entertained in the car etc.

Like other Auryn apps such as Love You to The Moon and Back  you have the ability to personalise these apps and record your voice reading the story which I love. Being able to have the app narrated by the familiar voice of a child's own parent is a fantastic feature which truly enhances these apps in my opinion. Customising is simple to do and I have found Ben loves hearing our voices. I think it would be a nice idea to get my mom to record one the next time she visits us from Ireland as I am sure Ben would love to hear his Nana's voice narrating one of the stories.

Finally, I must also mention the great interactive feature which is found in all of these apps where the name of an object appears on screen and is read aloud when touched, this is great for teaching word and image association to young children. The karaoke style of highlighting the word as it is read is also a great help for children learning to read.

All the Miko apps are available to download from the App Store for £0.69 / $0.99 each from the following links Miko “Mom, Wake Up and Play”, Miko “It Was Me, Mom”, Miko Wants a Dog, Miko - No Bath! No Way!, Miko Double Birthday, Miko Goes on Vacation, Miko Where is Mimiki and Miko Moves Out. These are such lovely e-books for children I can highly recommend them, both you and your child will love the little mouse and his tales.

Ben enjoying Miko Wants a Dog
*Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. I received promocodes to download these apps but this has in no way biased my views - both Ben and I really enjoy reading about Miko.


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