Monday, 6 February 2012

The Land of Sometimes CD Review

I received a copy of The Land of Sometimes last week and I must say I have been really impressed with it. It is the first audio book which I have played for Ben who is two years old and I wasn't quite sure how he would take to it and whether it would hold his attention but I have to say it has.

Everything from the packaging to the little story book insert that comes with this CD has a magical air to it. The story tells the tale of Alfie and Elise's magical journey to the Land of Sometimes "where four seasons pass within one day, and everyone who lives there has a song…". Along the way they encounter some bizarre and wonderful characters who each have their own song. The music ranges from New Orleans jazz, disco, reggae, poetry to Irish folk  and it is a fantastic and fun way to introduce music to young children who will be totally enthralled by these beautiful tunes and the storytelling of the CD.

Another thing worth mentioning is the fantastic website which supports this CD. Here you can further explore The Land of Sometimes and get a feel for all the characters. I love the profiles each one has with information on their likes, dislikes, hobbies and so on along with a musical clip. You can also download colouring in sheets of characters and a map of the Island from here as well as wallpaper for your computer. I found that the website really helped bring The Land of Sometimes to life for Ben and it was nice to be able to print out the colouring sheets and help him colour them while we listened to the CD. You can also sign up to be part of The Sometimes Society so that you get updates, find out what the characters are doing along with a newsletter.

Alfie's Profile Page
The Land of Sometimes is a lot more than a CD which I have to admit, is what I originally thought it was. It is a wonderful imaginative collection of music, stories and creative activities which are fantastic for children of all ages. I can highly recommend it, it will not only appeal to kids but adults alike.

The Land of Sometimes goes on sale today February the 6th and is available to purchase from Amazon for £8.99.

* Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. I received a copy of this CD free in exchange for a review however this has not biased my opinion - it is a fantastic CD.


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