Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Word Wall HD iPad App Review

I don't think you can ever start introducing children to letters, words and reading early enough as it is all about getting them familiar with the shapes and sounds of the letters and the combinations of them together to form words. Word Wall HD by Punflay is a fun way to help a child to develop these early reading skills. This app not only helps develop reading skills but also improves logic and memory skills through it's games and puzzles.

In addition to writing letters (writing abc option) and words (writing words option) where you drag and drop the letters and hear their names spoken and pronounced phonetically followed by a relevant picture (e.g. A is for Apple) there are four games to choose from which include:
See and Find which is a word / picture pair matching game and has two modes - easy and difficult.
Hide a Word which Ben loves where you have to use a torch light to find the word after which the picture appears.
Bubble Words where you have to pick the bubbles containing the letters to spell the name of the picture.
Jigsaw words where you put the pieces of the jigsaw together to spell a word.

See and Find


Ben who is two years old loves playing this app and I can really see the educational benefits resulting from it.  I help him with the games such as Bubble Words which requires you to spell out words and See and Find but he is more than capable of doing the Jigsaw and Hide a Word all by himself. He usually repeats the name and phonetic pronunciation when dragging and dropping the letters in the writing abc section which I find fantastic as he really is developing his letter knowledge.

The graphics in Word Wall HD are also worth mentioning as they are colourful and appealing to young children who will find this app fun and engaging while learning lots along the way. I can highly recommend it if you are looking for an app to help develop your child's reading skills and letter knowledge.

Ben dragging & dropping letters
Word Wall HD is available to download for the iPad from the AppStore and costs just £0.69. A great app your child will love as will you when you see the educational benefits.

* Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. I received a promocode to download this app but this has in no way biased my opinion.


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