Thursday, 19 January 2012

Grimm's Rapunzel iPad / iPhone app review

This week I came across a fantastic app from Ideal Binary called Grimm's Rapunzel - a 3D Interactive Pop-Up Book. It takes the familiar story of Rapunzel and truly brings it to life for young kids to enjoy with it's interactive features and impressive graphics.

There are three reading modes to chose from, Read To Me, Read It Myself and Autoplay. Each of these modes comes in useful in different situations whether it is the Read It Myself option where you or your child want to read the book in a traditional format or Read To Me and Auto Play which is great to keep your child entertained in the car etc.

Old Style Storybook Pages

The story text is presented on old style storybook pages which remind me of a fairytale book I had and loved as a child. After you read a page or two of the story you are presented with a task. There are lots of these fun interactive task like features throughout the story which are presented on what is best described as 3D pop-up pages. I love the fact that when you tilt the iPhone or iPad the background moves and you get that 3D feel to it, a very clever design in my opinion. The interactive features include amongst others, watering the seeds and picking the flowers which Ben loves, feeding the baby and giving it a rattle to play with and guiding the Prince to the tower where the Princess is in hiding by touching the musical notes as they appear. These features are great for developing fine motor skills and logic while keeping the app engaging and fun for young children.

3D Pop-Up Pages

Interactive Features

Ben loves all the interactive features in this app, they really bring the story to life and keep it interesting and entertaining for young children. The only negative I have found is that he sometimes tries to skip forward to the games without waiting for the text to be read by clicking on the arrow in the corner, but it is hard to blame him as they are so much fun. The music and narration are also both worth a mention as they definitely add to the whole app experience.

Ben helping Rapunzel and the Prince cook a vegetable stew
Grimm's Rapunzel is free to download from the AppStore and is compatible with both iPad and iPhone. I can highly recommend this app, I love the graphics and interactive features, it brings a well loved children's fairytale to life in a special way. Other similar apps such as Grimm's Hansel and Gretel and Grimm's Red Riding Hood by the same company Ideal Binary are also worth checking out if you like Grimm's Rapunzel and are available to download for £0.69.

Update - 3rd February 2012
Grimm's Rapunzel is no longer free to download but the good news is that Grimm's Red Riding Hood is!

*Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored app. I am writing about this app as I think is is a great app young children will enjoy.


Lisa | said...

We have Rumplestiltskin, from the same developers, and my son absolutely loves it! Great storybook apps!

Vanessa said...

Looks like just the thing Little Moo will enjoy - downloading now. Thanks for giving us the info!

Mummy's Space said...

They are fab - love the interactive features.

Mummy's Space said...

No problem - hope Little Moo enjoys it. It's a great app!

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