Monday, 12 December 2011

A Favourite Christmas Book: Pull-Back Busy Santa

On a recent visit to Trotters Children's Store on the Kings Road I picked up a fantastic Christmas book for Ben called the Pull-Back Busy Santa Book by Usborne which tells the story of Santa's journey as he sets out to deliver presents on Christmas Eve. Ben loves it, as the name suggests it has a little Santa on a sleigh toy which can be pulled back and then travels over the different tracks on each set of pages in the book.

The story starts off in the North Pole where Santa races across the ice with a sleigh full of presents waving goodbye to the elves and passing the snowmen as he sets off on his adventure. Santa then flies around a busy city, above snowy mountains and roof tops, delivering presents down chimneys before heading home into the night sky. It is a lovely colourful book which has lots of detail and encourages children to look closely at the pages and develop their observational and counting skills by asking questions such as "Santa whizzed past four snowmen. Can you spot them?" and "Santa spotted two cats. Can you?" on each set of pages. The little Santa on his sleigh toy speeds about the tracks but you do have to make sure you support the book or prop another book under it so the tracks are flat.

This is the first Christmas where Ben, who is two, understands that Santa will be "coming to town" (his words, which we hear at least twenty times a day at the moment). It's a very magical time and this book is wonderful to read with him, I love the way he chatters on about Santa in his sleigh as he sets the toy off whizzing about the tracks on the pages as I read it to him. The look of excitement in his face is priceless. I can highly recommend this book for toddlers, they are sure to love it!

I purchased this book from Trotters for £14.99 but it is also available in a variety of other stores and online from Amazon and Usborne.

*Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I am writing about this book as Ben really enjoys it and I wanted to share it with others.


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