Friday, 9 December 2011

A New Money Saving Me

It is that time again where the car insurance renewal forms are due to drop through the letterbox any day. Yes, it would be easy to just let it auto-renew but I have decided it is time to make a list of things such as car insurance, electricity, gas, broadband and so on and see if I can find cheaper alternatives. So first on my hit list is to compare car insurance deals and see if I can get it any cheaper elsewhere.

I have always hated filling in the seemingly endless information required when searching for car insurance but I found this process pretty painless. The Tesco Compare site which I used is very user friendly and the thing I liked most about it is that you don’t have to complete it all in one go as there is an option to save the quote as you go along which is pretty much essential when you have to deal with as many toddler interruptions as I do as soon as I go near my laptop.

Once I had all my details submitted a list of over thirty insurance quotes was returned to me which I could then compare. I was also emailed a link to my quote and it can be retrieve by logging into the site which is great as it means I have it ready to go as soon as I need it. Before I used this site I have to admit the thought did cross my mind as to whether it would be biased towards Tesco Car Insurance but it definitely wasn’t, in fact Tesco appeared right at end of my list of options. Another big win with Tesco Compare is that if I do end up buying my car insurance through them I can collect Tesco Clubcard Points too!

For once in my life I now feel very organised and will be ready to compare my options once the renewal forms arrive - an attempt at my new money saving self perhaps? Well it’s a start anyway...

*Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post but has in no way biased my opinion - I found using the Tesco Compare site very easy to use and I will definitely be using it again when looking for more savings on bills.


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