Sunday, 13 November 2011

Review of ABC Numbers iPad App

Recently I have been looking for an app which would help Ben to learn his alphabet and improve his knowledge of letters so I was interested to see how he would get on when I came across ABC Numbers from Punflay. This app has two parts to it, one which helps teach numbers and the other part which helps children learn about letters. It is a bright colourful app which is extremely interactive, the design itself reminds me of actual preschool toys which have various buttons to push and lights etc hence it will be very appealing to young children who will find it familiar and easy to use.

Select between 123 Numbers or ABC Letters games
When you load the app you are presented with a screen where you can choose from numbers or letters. The Numbers interface is bright and colourful with a colour wheel which allows kids to change colours which Ben loves and is great for reinforcing colour knowledge. When a number is selected the relevant number of items is highlighted on screen and the number is spoken. There is an option to select flowers, birds or fish which keeps it fun and engaging for little ones.

123 Numbers
The other part of this app teaches all things letters. It can be broken into three parts. There is a wheel which you can spin to select a letter which is then spoken and an associated image appears such as a bear for the letter B. It also teaches how to write the letters in both upper and lowercase with an option to trace the letters and switch between red, blue or green by selecting buttons. Finally in the corner there is a star with a string which when pulled down sings the alphabet song. Ben loves this feature and I am very pleased to say he has been singing his ABC's quite a lot since he started playing with this app.

ABC Letters
Ben enjoys playing both the numbers and letters parts of this app and I do believe there has been an improvement in his knowledge of letters and the alphabet since he started playing it. He has always been strong on numbers and it is clear that he enjoys playing with them in the 123 section, selecting amounts of items, changing colours and even using the buttons to do a countdown from ten and shouting "Fast-off!" (meaning "blast off" in Ben language - the boy is rocket mad!). In my opinion this is a great educational app for preschoolers and has a lot to teach them in a fun toddler friendly way.

Ben having fun with his ABC's
ABC Numbers is available to download for the iPad from the AppStore and costs £1.49. I can highly recommend this app, it's a fun way of learning basic numbers and letters which is effective and appealing to preschoolers.

*Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. Punflay asked me to select an app I would like to review with Ben and provided me with a promo code to download it for free however this has in no way biased my opinion - I can highly recommend this app for preschoolers.


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